American Parking Heaven


I removed that shit. so obnoxious.
there's shit in this parking garage. people are doing heroin in this parking garage. people are breaking in to your car in this parking garage. welcome to capitol hill.

Why not.

I mean if this were an 18th century train station, used by a few hundred people, most art critics would do handstands.

Yet parking garages and lots are used everyday by 98% of Americans who drive. Why isn't the art there instead of some building on 2nd avenue in a sea of decaying vertical density?!
Perfect for Miami - More thinking like this please, site specific. For Seattle I say a multi-story vertical organic urban farm with co-op sections and solar panels that includes a parking garage exclusively for electric vehicles to recharge (not kidding - it would work).
anxiously awaiting a Citytank response...
I have seen the results of cars driving through much larger barriers on the sides of parking garages.
Cars + art = smashed art.
Why would anyone want to spend much time hanging around in a car exhaust concentrator?

@5: That might work for electric vehicles, but any garden built in or too near a parking lot for regular vehicles should not be considered organic.

I do like the idea of bigger staircases, though.
That poor woman in the thumbnail is clearly having trouble standing and walking. Will no one help her? Why must she wear those impractical shoes when she has such obvious muscular and/or skeletal issues?