City Releases SPD Dashcam Video to Egan


Yes, it is galling. But not surprising. There will be no reform of the SPD with the stonewalling mayor still in office. Kick that bum out. McGinn has got to go. And by any stretch of the imagination, this controversy should be the one to unseat him. If any primary challenger doesn't drive this home into the heads of all Seattleites that even after the federal court settlement, these things are still happening in SPD, then they deserve to lose to our idiotic mayor.
Huh? According to SPD their own chain of command referred this case themselves to their Office of Professional Accountability back in October. How is that "doing nothing"?…
@2 OPA routinely exonerates the officers, a/k/a whitewashing. In HUNDREDS of OPA reviews of charges of excessive force, they found ZERO uses of excessive force. In contrast, DOJ found 20% were excessive, that is, about 240 cases were cases of illegally violent force used in about a couple of years period. That means in 240 times, OPA got it wrong.

Oh wait, it could be just a coincidence, right? That OPA and SPD command and SPD itself got it wrong hundreds of times.

Of course not. That's why referral to OPA is "doing nothing."
@1 - Seriously. If a snowstorm can undo the previous mayor, this shitstorm should, in a just world, ruin McGinn forever. I voted for him, and I'm still generally glad I did, but fuck, man. Mike, stop it. Just, go away.
@2 because OPA and the SPD leadership--and McGinn--have been complicit in being irresponsible, terrible stakeholders for Seattle with no interest in protecting the city's residents from massive financial exposure, but have had every interest in protecting themselves and SPOG membership. The Justice Department didn't even lambaste the useless of OPA and Harris's office, they flamethrowered it into the dirt.

All of the SPD leadership needs to go. All of it. Diaz on down, and we need qualified civilians with loyalty to the city and law rather than loyalty to the SPD in charge of issues and matters of disciplinary revenue and control.

McGinn, as a matter of course, can piss off back to his private legal practice and bicycle evangelism or whatever it is he did in his private profession through all this.

I really wish the 99%+ of Good SPD cops would basically revolt and throw Diaz and his halfwit cronies all under the bus to get rid of them. We love the cops but hate the dozen or so that are trash and the sycophantic SPOG leadership morons that enable them.

Any of you SPD reading this--it's in your financial and professional interest to toss them bums out and create a civilian oversight board with legitimate teeth for discipline. Do that and you'd have a *LOT* of us residents screaming and barking for the city to give you guys a sweet renewed contract, at long last.
@3 @5 you're saying "city hall didn't do what I thought they should do" - which is fundamentally different from "they did nothing."