Without affecting its existing programs, the City of Seattle's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs shuffled around some money this year (including making administrative cuts) in order to give a one-time-only round of grants that directly pays employees at arts organizations. The funded jobs had to be "positions that can generate extra revenue to carry out the mission of the organization," and those ended up ranging from teacher trainers to print-shop managers to executive directors to jazz competition contest overseers to social justice training coordinators to raisers-of-money.

The contracts total $260,000, and you can see a full list of recipients with breakdowns at the Arts Mean Business website.

Many of the orgs are familiar names—On the Boards, Gage Academy, Pratt, Pottery Northwest—but five have never before been funded by OACA. Those include the Duwamish Tribe, where $9,200 will pay for a manager of rentals for the longhouse, and ROCKit Community Arts in Beacon Hill, which with the city's $10,000 will leverage its first full-time staff position.

A grant of $11,894 to Arts Corps may help to wipe some of the egg off the city's face after the levy debacle in March.

Since it's a one-time thing involving a buzzword in a mayoral election year—job creation!—who knows what this means long-term. It's good news this morning.