NOTE: Kenny G is not now and never was involved in the Slog vs. Kenny G Holiday Charity Challenge.


The lovely Slog commenters who already have the SLOG CHARITY CHALLENGE ALL-STAR tag—48 of you marvelous people!—have gotten us off to a fantastic start in raising money to feed local hungry people through Northwest Harvest: $1,295 so far!

Kenny G has raised $0.

As internet_jen put it in comments: "Suck it Kenny G! For a good cause of course."

Let us continue to charitably kick Ken’s behind! Didn't give yesterday? Give to Northwest Harvest right now—any amount is great!—and then forward us your receipt and your commenter handle, and we'll give you that special tag on ALL your comments for the NEXT WHOLE YEAR. There will also be fabulous prizes coming soon, and by giving now you will be eligible! Because you are an all-star for helping.

BE AN ALL-STAR and give, give, GIVE now!