Originally posted yesterday at 4:09 p.m., moved up because I can.

From someone currently wasting the last rays of her youth at City Hall, trust me when I say that getting married at City Hall is the funnest thing I can think of to do in that building, pre-mortem.*

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On December 6, same-sex couples will finally be able to apply for marriage licenses for the first time in state history, which means that couples itching to get hitched can start holding ceremonies on Dec. 9. City officials are marking this milestone by turning City Hall's immense and lovely lobby into a series of intimate wedding nooks!

BUT: In order to be married at City Hall, couples must 1) get a marriage license on Dec. 6 and 2) RSVP here with their names, number of guests, and any special accommodations they might need. Today the city launched a handy FAQ sheet filled with information on the Dec. 9 ceremonies, which I hear are booking up fast.

Another word on those intimate, artsy wedding spots: Dan Savage—whose idea this whole thing was—and Tim Keck—whose idea the whole "Dan Savage" thing was—have each donated $1,000 to help local artists, led by Jen Zeyl, create a beautiful wedding atmosphere inside city hall. But we need to raise $5,000 total to finance the installation. A lot of materials and labor are being donated, but some things must be paid for. City officials, judges, and others are donating their time. What can you do? You can help make the day a beautiful one by donating right here.

UPDATE: Now with video explaining what the $5,000 will pay for!

Help Artists create Beautiful Intimate Wedding Environments for the First Day of WA State Marriage Equality on Dec. 9!! from wes hurley on Vimeo.

*I like to fantasize about having my lifeless body stuffed with potpourri and put on display in one of those chairs straddling the waterfall.