From this week's I, Anonymous:

The overworked King County Prosecutor's Office dropped the assault charges against you due to the "he said, she said" nature of the complaint (despite the photos the officer took of my bruises and the documented black eye I sported for a week following your drunken Early Man impression). The restraining order the city issued demanding that you keep your distance from me expired. You must have cojones the size of Texas to drop into an R-74 election party (something that affects you only remotely, at best) and park your six-and-a half-foot frame DIRECTLY IN FRONT of my and my partner's sight line, forcing us to relocate ourselves in order to view the governor during her speech. It's not enough that you have lied to everyone regarding your physical assault on me, but seeing you lamely waving a green sign DIRECTLY IN FRONT of me, refusing to respect my space and effectively ruining a momentous event that has NOTHING to do with you, was salt in an 18-month-old wound. Thanks for the reminder to renew that restraining order. I hope you drop dead.

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