"Mayoral Candidate Tries to Woo The Stranger, but Offends Them Instead"


All we find out from this is that Dominic is a whining little drama queen, who thinks it's all about him.
All we find out from this is that the suburbanites at the Seattle Times are whining little drama queens, who think they own the Mayor even when they can't vote here.
Honest question: Why does Dom care? Seriously, 'scoops' are such an old fashioned MSM trait, as tired as printing 'Dear Abby."

The Stranger is the alternative paper and owns it's sphere of influence - Seattle - pretty well. So who cares?
i think that the story is one of integrity.
There goes the Pulitzer Prize. :(
Cut the Times some slack. Old people can be easily confused, and that makes them defensive. Just enjoy them while they are still with us.
So can you endorse Ron Sims for mayor now, or do you have to wait for the announcement and interviews and such?
@7 the endorsement is Ed Murray's to lose. If he can come out with a credible SPD reform plan then it's a done deal.
Not with the unpaid SR-99 Tunnel still on his "support" list, @8.

That's a lot of cash we still don't have.
i think the story is about integrity.
Personally, for his sake, I hope Ed Murray stays in the Senate.

Look, let's see Tim Burgess for what he is: A canny opportunist who is as ambitious as he's savvy. Honesty is not a strength or a tool for him. He's the type who will flatter you to death if it'll get him what he wants. To my inexperienced self, he's the closest thing we have to a classic Chicago politician.

That isn't to say that he would make a bad mayor, but we'd have to hope that his ambition and what's good for the city coincide. If they don't, then we'd be in for an ego trip mayoralty coming at the expense of the city.

McGinn has been far from perfect, but he has my vote right now if his opponent is Burgess. I never liked Burgess.
Tim Burgess is an asshole.
He is indeed. He's simply more strategic than most of that breed.
"The Stranger tends to go overboard for its favorite candidates," says the paper that runs free ads for its preferred candidates.
The funniest thing about Catalina is the s/he blogs about old people as if s/he wasn't one.
It looks like the sole purpose of the Times article is to make Dominic look like a conceited fool for complaining about whether a political candidate gives him a "scoop." The subtext is that The stranger supports candidates, at least partly, for reasons other than their positions on issues or their fitness for public service. I can't find the quote on his FB page, but if it's accurate and resonably in context, it seems plausible that dominic has made an ass of himself. Still, that's not newsworthy; just more of "the media" reporting on itself instead of informing the public.
News Flash: Exclusive!

Politicians are douchebags.

Details after the game.
@16 Complaining about not getting a scoop would be kind of whiny. Complaining that you were LIED to about a scoop, and didn't find out until after the article you'd written about the candidate assuming you had a scoop? That's entirely different. The article was, in part, about how brave it was to give the Stranger this scoop. Given that that's a lie, it completely changes the tenor of the interview.
Flan, indeed, I am very, very old. Older than the hills. Older than the dust beneath your feet. I, like the Seattle Times, are not long for this world. That's why I advocate for them. I know what it's like to become slowly irrelevant, to lose one's friends, to sit waiting for that big sleep.

When I leave this vale of tears, when I shuffle off this mortal coil, when they close the lid of my coffin, and lower me into the rolling hills of Iowa, I will know that at least I did my part - in my feeble, elderly way - to keep up the spirits of those kindred souls on the Blethen's ferry across the river Styx.
@19 When that sad day comes, please keep writing from the grave. I don't want your elevated prose to ever stop.
@11, with all due respect to Mr. Burgess' estimable political savvy, the difference between a Chicago politician and him is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing one.
Well, Catalina, I'm glad to hear you admit that when you speak about old people being confused and easily defensive, you're talking from first-hand experience!
'"The Stranger tends to go overboard for its favorite candidates," says the paper that runs free ads for its preferred candidates.'

And lies incessantly about its favorite initiative issues.

The Suburban Times is the FauxNewzSalts of the damp upper-left corner.
@11: "A canny opportunist who is as ambitious as he's savvy."
And this is different from most politicians how?
@various: re Times support of candidates vs Stranger support of candidates - there is one major difference in the Times taking out ads in it's own paper for McKenna, and the Stranger running a cover and fawning over McGinn - the Times had to declare with the PDC; all of the Stranger's stories lauding how fantastic McGinn would be were not declarable.
Oh boys (and girls), I'm sure Tim will do something special for you. After all, he did address your questions in responding to the CWA issue during his first campaign. And you found Tim to be such an impressive candidate you shut Della out and offered Tim your endorsement. You listened then concluded Tim was the best Seattlite for the job. Now maybe you had your misgivings with being so in the tank for Mike. Emotion seemed to drive that passion. Now, the Stranger lays quiet on the big love for Mike period - this forgetfulness/oops thing seems like it was pre-designed as an homage to Romney. So rather than emote about this not being the Superman style scoop from which you hoped to awaken some moment from the print era (I say with love:) , I would challenge you to look beyond your emotions to understanding why Tim is the best choice for Mayor. Not to say I don't love Ed - lord knows he is one amazing guy. But Ed is going to be one hell of a great senate majority leader - and I think we need to focus on how exciting this is and what amazing opportunities it presents for cool and bold leadership down in Olympia.