Private-Prison Company Assists with Random High-School Drug Sweep


I'd home school my kid before subjecting them to that shit.
I think that it is time for a class action lawsuit.
Frightening and disgusting.
Don't worry, the Free Market™ will surely stand up for the rights of those kids, and make sure that unqualified thugs are not trying to get schoolchildren arrested.
Please, please tell me that when you refer to the Gila River Indian Community Police you're referring to police from India. Please!
@2 Too bad the kids have no rights, and therefore no standing.

Every other industry has been working the teenage market for profits for a while now, damn the consequences. Not surprising that the prison-industrial complex would join in the cash grab.
Just say no to thugs.
"According to Anderson, three students were arrested as a result of the October 31 Vista Grande raid: two female students, ages 15 and 17, as well as one 15-year-old male. According to Anderson, the 15-year-old female was found in possession of .10 grams of marijuana; the 15-year-old male student was found in possession of .50 grams of marijuana; and the 17-year-old female was found in possession of 10 ounces of marijuana. According to Anderson, this last quantity was "individually packaged." 


Getting your life ruined for 0.1 grams of what I would presume is weed scraps is insane. I'd say if you bring drugs to school you deserve to be arrested becasue your an idiot but I'm sure at points in my life I had enough 0.1 grams of weed on my in school. Like bits in my pack or something
"Business-savvy pros"???
Do you mean "any given world religion"?

@5 wtf? Is there some kind of pc pogrom going on today?

Heard of sarcasm?
On the bright side; at least one chapter in 20th century history class became way more interesting to the students.

I don't give a shit if they're not properly trained or are properly trained - they have no business being there, full stop. And (rhetorically) just how does a business which is not a law enforcement authority hold someone against their will? I just don't think anyone but the state has any right to operate a prison. Period.

Of course lock downs and sweeps have no place in reasonable schooling - with or without the involvement of the private sector.
Has anyone noticed that about half of the stories about ridiculous shit come out of Arizona?
3 busts total? and 2 weren't even a gram? what was the total expense to nab that one girl who was dealing?

but, bringing TEN ounces to school? a half-pound? think harder, child.
I would suggest somebody pulling a fire alarm every time there's a 'lockdown...'

(I sadly remember when years back we were warning of investments in private prison companies like CCA, and its subsidiary, Prison Realty, by the Blackstone Group, and its financial subset, the Carlyle Group. --- the sheeple aren't quick to learn.....

I know, I know, it's not Obama's drones that kill people, it's those pesky Hellfire missiles they shoot at them that does it.)
@14 If I didn't know any better, I'd say one of her competitors ratted her out. Hard to be discreet with that much weed on you, and no point bringing it if no one knows you're selling.
@10 Heard of sarcasm? You know, I've always wondered what the plural noun for a herd of sarcasms was. A 'mock of sarcasms' perhaps? Anyone know for sure?
Thanks for writing a headline I never thought I'd see outside Snow Crash, Brendan.
It breaks my heart to see what a dystopia this country is becoming. Three kids' lives permanently ruined for using/dealing a drug that does little actual harm, so that some fat cat can add some more thousands to his already-ample pockets.
I hated Arizona before reading this story. Wow, what a fucking wasteland.
And I bet this school would send kids home for wearing a pro-gay t-shirt because it's "too disruptive".