Don't Donate to the Salvation Army


I like to drop a notecard in the donation bucket that says "I will gladly donate money when the Salvation Army stops discriminating against the LGBT community. Happy Holidays!".
Perhaps a link to the home for homeless GLBT youth Dominic would be an appropriate link to add?
Hear, hear.
My company is doing a donation drive for the SA. I sent out an email after they solicited donations that perhaps they should pick a charity next year that doesn't actively lobby and discriminate against the company's LGBT employees. The next day the office was plastered with SA posters.

Vomit. And Christians wonder why people hate them.
Radio host Stephanie Miller learned this the hard way this week.…
Same goes for Union Gospel Mission. Toss their anti-gay junk mail in the recycling bin.
I need to start spreading that factoid to my family members. There's inevitably a SA Santa outside most of the larger stores back home where my mother lives, and while she is very kind and accepting, she is a bit clueless. Knowing that the dollars she stuffs into those red buckets go towards discriminating against several of her friends might be enough to get her to stop.
...put a nickel in the drum, help another drunken bum.
SA is primarily an evangelical organization. Every act is part of their effort to convert people.
Feeding people is great. Feeding people just so they'll listen to your bullshit is less great. It's fine if you're family, sleazy if you're a timeshare, and creepy if you're a church.
I'm proud to say that my company's matching charitable contributions program explicitly rejects making matching donations to the Salvation Army. My understanding is that it's more for proselytizing reasons than discriminatory reasons, but it still pleases me.
My company also chose a religious organization for this year's charity. Ruins the whole thing.
@4 Congrats for standing up & saying something. Also, SA is not a charity, they are a church.
I would like to add to the chorus saying this would feel less dickish if you'd posted an alternative link, like, say, Northwest Harvest.

Um, the only ones being dickish are the Sallies.
I've noticed that last year and this year people have been contributing much less coin to those buckets. I think word has gotten around.
I know here in Toronto there's some diversity amongst the SA ministries in terms of how they treat GLBT people. While some are awful, there's another that's one of the safest places for homeless trans men to sleep. So, I won't ever put money into the buckets, but I donate directly to that one shelter.