"In America, you learn book. In Soviet Russia, book learn you!"


Or, you know, students will simply open their e-books and then turn some pages every few minutes while they do something else in the meantime.

Results are only as accurate as the data they use. Garbage in, garbage out.
Makes sense, given the testimony before congress several years ago by a representative from the NSA, who admitted that Micro$oft colluded with NSA in their operating system design to allow users to be eavesdropped on more easily.

Anything online, and e-books included, are part of that human serf preserve now.




Think of how much simpler Winston Smith's job will be.
Amerijinski bookniks are only 55% percent of Russian capabilities. We turn you into dust and leave Yankee Doodle flapping in breeze with out fur kropocknik. Please you give us blonde lady and 20 cases of Coca-Cola and I give you secret plan to Booknik...no problem.
And to think - in keeping with their taste in music as well - airlines used to offer a Yakov Smirnoff channel for comic relief. Bumpy, five hour flight to Atlanta drinking (or trying to) Sutter Home or off-brand vodka listening to Yakov Smirnoff or Anita Baker's Rapture anyone?