An addition: We just belatedly became cognizant of the fact that HARISSA LEBANESE CUISINE is open on 15th, near the Bagel Deli, Smith, etc.—it's been open for three months! Stranger Genius Sarah Rudinoff loves the Harissa in Ravenna. Onward...

· BLACK COFFEE CO-OP · Capitol Hill: Get coffee, vegan food, and possibly enlightenment at this "worker's cooperative that operates a cafe, community space & infoshop." It's "a non-hierarchical workplace, where we have at least greater control of the application of our labor, and the pains of worker exploitation are reduced." Support the comrades! (501 E Pine St,, $)

· JOULE · Fremont/Wallingford: Joule has relocated from its original location on 45th into a refurbished warehouse on Stone Way; chef/owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's Korean-influenced cuisine presumably remains great. The highly stylish space, adjoining the Whale Wins, has a communal table and a full bar. (3506 Stone Way N, 632-1913,, $$)

· THE WHALE WINS · Fremont/Wallingford: The latest from Renee Erickson (of the marvelous Boat Street Cafe/the Walrus and the Carpenter)...


Joules new space.
  • Joule's new space.