Over at Capitol Hill Seattle blog, they claim to have cuter dogs than your dogs. But Capitol Hill Seattle blog is obviously wrong about everything. We issued a challenge to send in photos of your dogs... and Slog's dogs are cuter, smarter, fuzzier, more snuggly, make gloomy days sunny, defeat the GOP in elections, and bite rapists in the tit.

We begin with a litter of seven-week-old Jack Russell terrier puppies, who come via Matthew. At seven weeks old, they are Wiggles, Waggles, Twister, Petunia, and Hi-Rise:


Next is Jack, a rescue pug who lives on Capitol Hill, says Kyle:


Molly, an Austrian labradoodle, is almost two years old. She lives in South Lake Union with her owner, David, who says Molly is "basically a living teddy bear":


This is Pickles, says Dave, and she's a three-year-old Boston terrier/bulldog mix who lives on First Hill. PICKLES!!!!


Tobey is an American-expat pug who is eight years old and currently resides in Canada:


Lucy is definitely not a puppy, but Michael writes, "My dog's 14 years old and way cuter and more puppy-like than any of those cap hill brutes." Lucy lives in northeast Seattle:


Bird is also not a young fellow, but he was caught under incriminating circumstances. Geoff writes that Bird was caught last night "after getting the compost bin lid stuck on his head while going after chicken bones":


Meet Kramer, age 9, is a Siberian husky, says Layne. He lives on Capitol Hill:


Last is Camilla, who is a two-year-old mix of miniature pinscher and chihuahua, and she is apparently mostly tongue. Logan says she just moved from Capitol Hill to Tacoma:


Keep showing Capitol Hill Seattle blog who's boss! Send your freakishly cute puppy photos—with their name, age, where they live, and breed—right over here.