2012 Election in One Photo


It is really funny, but I had no idea how glad I was that the election was over until I saw all of that in one place.
There's no reason for the gymnast girl to be in there. She did the face with Obama, really, was that even
before the election?

Is Nate Silver and 538 blog in there? That was the election.
@2 Little known fact, McKayla Maroney = HUGE stats nerd. She was making that face at UnskewedPolls.com
I love the fact that the only part of trump in there is his hair.
How about a marijuana leaf and marriage equality? Finally, some rational thought:

220 marijuana cases already dismissed in legalized Washington

i thought there were two meat loafs (loaves?) but then i realized one of them is chris christie.

but i don't know which is which!
Hilarious? You keep saying this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
I can't decide which I love more: that Clint Eastwood has an otherworldly blue glow around him, or that Chris Christie's a giant that is unhappy about having fallen through the floor.
photoshopped bullshit like this should not be featured anywhere. . . and especially not under a headline of "2012 Election in One Photo". more like photoshopped bullshit ahead.

ah, the stranger you win and then you suck and then so on. . .
The only thing missing for me is Gay Dude for Romney. I kinda miss that misguided little feller.
@7 ftw.

@10, did Rove kill his gay astroturf lover after his meltdown on election night at Fox? That mystery needs to be solved. We didn't get a chance at a Stranger happy hour to laugh in his face.
Gay Dude had long maintained that his account would "expire" the day after the election. I always said that he was one of those people paid to pretend he's a regular reader with a genuine reaction, but I don't know. He seemed genuine enough. He might still be reading Slog without posting comments.

He was too decent and polite to be a troll, though. He was more of a contrarian. I don't mind him staying away (do stay away, GDFR, if you're reading this), but I only wish the actual miserable trolls would take his cue and expire themselves. (You've Gotta Be Kidding Me, for example. He's worse than useless and dumb; he's grating.) Actually, I can think of a couple registered trolls that we haven't heard from lately, but I don't want to invoke their names.
@12, his thoughts didn't seem organized enough to be a paid troll, but on election night, it became clear how half-assed the RNC/teabagger professionals were. Thank god for the election, otherwise the media would still be reporting their version of reality.