Crisis pregnancy centers are nonmedical, religious nonprofits that lure young pregnant women through their doors under the guise of offering medical services—like free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds—and then barrage those women with medically inaccurate, emotionally manipulative lies about how abortions will increase your risk of breast cancer while turning you into a detached monster who's unable to bond with any hypothetical future offspring.

If that isn't galling enough, now one Vermont crisis pregnancy center is suing the federal government for money to expand its operation:

Should taxpayer funds be used to help a “Christ-centered ministry” buy and renovate a building in which it will offer Bible instruction and other services aimed at preventing abortion?

That’s the question at the center of a lawsuit filed by Care Net Pregnancy Center of Windham County, Vermont, after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rejected the center’s application for a federal building loan.

... The USDA denied the group’s loan request due to the “inherently religious” nature of some of its programming.

Care Net’s most troubling offering, as far as USDA officials were concerned, was a rewards-based learning program called “Learn to Earn,” wherein expectant parents had to take a certain number of parenting and Bible study classes in order to receive free baby supplies. (Care Net’s executive director has said the center has since suspended the Bible study requirement.) The center also offers, according to a brochure, a “bible centered program” called “Post Abortive Teaching and Healing” that “enables women to process their abortion-related experiences and emotions with the goal of healing and recovery.” In addition, Care Net conducts an abstinence-only sex-education class called “Why Am I Tempted?” or WAIT.

Care Net also operates in Washington state, where legislators have repeatedly killed bills aimed at making crisis pregnancy centers more transparent about their religious affiliation and what services they provide to patients.