Here Is a Design Proposal for the Future Basketball Arena


Looks like an NHL arena to me.

Love the Jetpack Flight Deck on top, though.
It looks like a battle tank in a video game.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
It needs to look like a half a basketball. Or else.
Or else I won't care.
Actually, I don't care either way.
In all honesty, I hope you basketball people get what you want. Best of luck.

But hey, are those solar panels on the roof?
@3: Well said, sir.
Pro stadium. But this design is dull with a Cap D. Look at Mariners' functional and interesting stadium. Proceed with revisions.
How come the Dream Girls marquee isn't visible?
The beauty of this design is that it's so versatile. That could be anything -- a basketball arena, an office building, a school, a walgreen's.
I was wondering how they'd fit a stadium down there, looks like they do it by removing a block of Occidental Ave S. Not that anyone is likely to miss that stretch of road, but can you do that? Just... remove a road?
@8 - Ha!

It's hideous.
Maybe the footprint is smaller because there are a third as many seats and the field of play is a twentieth the size.
Maybe they just have smaller shoe sizes, so their footprint is smaller?

Still, I suppose it is better than a urine-colored half sphere.
Looks like a tugboat, 'cept not as, you know... streamlined.
@13 that was butter. I suppose you could call butter "urine colored" but that just makes it less apetizing.
I feel bad for saying it because someone worked hard on that, but it's really awful and boring. Sorry, person/people who did it. :(
It's growing on me, the pics posted here are the least flattering of the renderings but if you imagine it all brick, black steel with wood highlights its looks pretty good, a little generic maybe, so it would fit in well with the other Seattle buildings.
I wonder if they didn't get this confused with plans for the next Mars Hill Church....
If you look at the full PDF, there are three options, of which this is the preferred alternative. While I think it's better than the first option, which is a horrendous oval excuse for windows to look outside of the arena from inside, I actually like the second design the best. It has a lower profile so that it doesn't loom over its surroundings quite as much, and it has a kind of wavy roof design that seems to match well with the distant waterfront scenery. But the people who picked the third option didn't like the second one because it's not "iconic" enough. But frankly, I think you just want a box to have sports in, that interacts with the street as nicely as such a monumental thing can. And hopefully doesn't look like an ugly tug boat.
I dunno. Those corners look mighty sharp. Toddlers could get hurt running into them.
There is an oval scheme, and a rectangular scheme, then just to blow your mind, an oval within a rectangle scheme.

I prefer the oval scheme out of the three offered. The one pictured is okay, but the rectangle one is hideous.

Also I wish they would build a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks at Massachusetts ave to make it easier to get to/from 4th ave. Hopefully this plan also makes Holgate Street go over the tracks? (Lander too please!!)
The important thing is that millionaires like Chris Hansen and Mitt Romney and the rest of the team owning set like it. It's their toy. Everyone, let them speak.
Agreed on the battle tank comparison. It's gonna blow the shit out of Safeco, which woild be awesome.
Here's my design:
@25: You keep trotting out what is, among all your stupid ideas, the very stupidest. Nobody wants to go to that dump.
I'm sure it will be worth every penny the tax payers will be on the hook for. Probably to the tune of 500Million dollars. I hope it has a Starbucks or two, I own stock.

Gang Stalking is a form of bullying and intimidation from multiple perpetrators.…
SF's proposed arena (for comparison). kind of vanquishes the Seattle effort.
Design issues aside - it's shocking how unprofessional these images are. This looks like a undergraduate design studio spent 3 days locked in a studio with Google Sketchup. It certainly doesn't look like something that a professional design and architecture group would release.
Say what you will about the Coliseum (not Key Arena. Never Key Arena), it was visually interesting. @8 has it right.
How many freaking stadiums does Seattle need? Just revamp the Key Arena and call it good. Jeeze.
The circular design could have been so much more futuristic. Maybe make it similar to the San Francisco proposal that #30 linked to. I'm a little tired of looking at square, rectangle, and otherwise boxy buildings.
hey roads are crumbling, we have no subway, class sizes are growing, the cops need more supervisors...I know! le'ts use public money for pro sports, woo hoo!

socialism for the one percenter owners and the one percenter players and the top 30% who will attend the games, my god, isn't america great especially faux progressive cities like seattle.

because we will have recycling and bike lanes at our publicly funded glass pro sports palace number FIVE.
This will look great. In Bellevue.
@36 ftw. Although shlepping out to Bellevue to watch an NHL game on a wifi-enabled ST line might not be that great.
Unless you are 500 feet tall, I don't see the point of judging the design based on a rendering that looks down upon the arena from above.
Having studied the whole design package, the only thing I like about this design is the entry way on the north. At ground level, the rest of it seems big, cold, and stand-offish.

I think #1 looks cool, especially the all-glass exterior. #2 also looks good, and is more functional. I just don't see much aesthetic appeal in #3, the "preferred" alternative.