The Leg Bone's Connected to the....Gah!!!


Gotta bone up on my history I guess...
Beware the enthused high school teacher who wants to "make history come alive"!
Apparently, GGG somehow got translated in Sweden as "Gross, Giving, and Game"
Provided she acquired the bones legally I don't see the problem.

Though the fact she'd been bragging to local kids about having knives and body parts in her apartment makes me think that problems were going to come from that woman.
Actually, if you're of Lap ancestry, this is a lot more common than you think.

Look, putting your Celtic or British viewpoints on Swedes rarely works, Seattle.
*insert "boner" joke here*
*hur hur, "insert"*
@5 I *AM* a swede with Same and Lapp ancestry Will and what the hell are you talking about? As far as I know I have never used bones as a Sex Toy.

Also this is kinda old now shes in court, its not going great because if they figure out where she got the bones it can be "Disturbing the peace of the dead" which is an offense here. If these where just old bones she got somewhere and decided to have fun with... Perhaps its a Health violation? But it depends.

I have an old skull lying about in a box somewhere and the thought of licking that old thing is just nasty.
@7- I think Will might have a point, at least to the extent that it is very rare in the USA for people to have old human remains around, and yet the first Lapp Swede to comment on the story just happens to have a skull, maybe. It's so unremarkable to you that you've forgotten where you put it.

You might not be having sex with it, but it's still weird to my perception.
Major lol on that headline.
If she acquired them legally I am not sure if it should be an issue.
@7 - All-encompassing advice: ignore Will; he's an idiot.
@10 - Fucking oneself with human bones is pretty damn disrespectful to the dead owner of those bones, which was basically the charge here.

I'd certainly be pissed if she were fucking herself with my grandmother's bones.
@12, but would you care if she was fucking herself with your bones after you're dead? I mean really..who is the victim in necrophilia anyway? Some one wants my body to do pervy sex stuff with after I'm dead what do I care? I'm freaking DEAD. Have away at it boys, girls or whoever
@13 -It's a societal norm to treat the dead with respect, even among cultures who vew the dead as soulless husks. You may be okay with someone digging your mother up, but you'll have trouble finding any society that has no laws against it.
I'm referring to various old anthropological and various discoveries. I don't expect you to know about them. We all try to pretend our current societies are the same as those of our ancestors, but they aren't. And, in many cases, that's a good thing.