All right, you asked for it, Capitol Hill Seattle blog. You wanted a challenge. You dared us to launch Slog's arsenal of canines. Well... yesterday was just a warm up. Slog has so many awesome dog submissions that we couldn't even stuff all the dogs in this post because this one post already FILLS UP THE ENTIRE INTERNET WITH DOGS. We also had to create an entire Stranger Dog Department, staffed by dog-section interns Al Jacobs and Chelsea Kellogg, to curate the world's cutest dogs.

Of course, CHS knew this was coming, and they're feebly trying to move the goal post. They're trying to make this about cats. This was never a challenge about cats, remember?!!!? Cats are timid and stupid. Dogs are awesome and vapid, just like the guys I like. We could slaughter CHS on cats, too, but we won't.



Please to meet Yogi and Bambi, two infant long-haired Dachshunds. Slog-reader Dan lives with them live near Volunteer Park. Jesus, what is even going here?


Gamma is a 14-month-old vizsla from Reno, NV. Shay says, "He looks more like a chupacabra than a dog":


This REGAL SNOW BEAST is what's called a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, says Robby. Her name is Bailey, she lives in Seward Park, and she's reportedly five months old:


This couple-month-old Boxer is named Wesley, and he's a-frolickin' in Volunteer Park, Slog-reader Alex reports:


Polly, her owner writes, is a two-month-old Golden Retriever in Portland, Oregon:


Owner Rod claims his dog Archimedes is the cutest dog on Capitol Hill. He's a three-time Jeopardy champion:


This is Cannon, says Christina, a 5-year-old Tibetan Spaniel in Capitol Hill who has a permanent wink:


A resident of Beacon Hill, Doug is not yet old enough to drink or vote. He's is a black lab mix, says owner Brandi, and and about 1 1/2 years old:


Riffraff wasn't always this fuzzy, Suzanne says. He's is six and lives up by Volunteer Park:


William is a 5-year-old Corgi from South Lake Union. "He was supposed to be a show dog, but grew too big for the runway," William's owner Kyle says. "He's changed careers from failed model to co-host of a pub quiz night on Capitol Hill."


Eight-year-old English Bulldog Omelet lives in Capitol Hill. She's Megan's "Little Omelet":


Sean says that Watson is a two-year-old miniature Schnauzer with awful hay fever:


Both Boston Terriers in the Central District, Benny is a six-month-old puppy with his 8-year-old roommate, Tobey. John says that, together, they're called "BenTo":


These maltese, Giles, seven-years-old, and Wesley, four-years-old, keep their owners "safe from vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness—all from the back of the couch," say Jen and Ryan.


John sends this photo of Loki, an eight-year-old beagle from West Seattle, who likes camping:


This is Ruby. She's an Australian cattle dog (pictured here at 4-weeks-old). She lives in Capitol Hill and drives Justin nuts, "in a good way."


Maeby is a year-old terrier mix adopted by John from the Seattle Animal Shelter. She lives in View Ridge and visits the Magnuson Dog Park daily:


This is Bobby from Capitol Hill. Because he's a rescue, owner PJ doesn't know his age, but guesses that he's a Boston terrier/corgi mix:


This is Romy," says Rickey. "She is a four year old Boston terrier/chihuahua mix. Romy and her crazy tongue currently live on Capitol Hill":


Ripley is on the left and Kirin is on the right. They're three-year-old great dane sisters living in the Central District, says Sandra:


Charlie (left) is 6-years-old and Lulu is 7-months-old. Both are dogs—THEY'RE TOTALLY DOGS, ALL RIGHT???—living in the University District, Seth says. "They sleep on the bed and sometimes wrestle so loudly that they are exiled from the room":


Rita is a tweenie (half-miniature dachshund, half-standard-sized dachshund) who lives on Capitol Hill:


Agnes (first photo) is a year-old terrier/mini fainting goat mix and Basil (second photo) is a 2-year-old American Dingo mix, Miranda says. They live in West Seattle:



Mabel is a 4 year-old border collie/red heeler mix living in Fremont, says Caitlin:


Rory lives in Ballard, which means he's Scandinavian:


Morgan is a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel, says Anne:


Today is Olga's six-month Birthday! Rebeccah says Olga is an Australian Shepherd living on Capitol Hill:


Quinn, a year-old Hound mix, keeps it cozy in Brooklyn, says Christopher:


Call her Maeby. She's is a two-and-a-half-year-old Chocolate Pomeranian from Ballard. Her owner, Derek, says, "She's a bundle of energy":


Scout is a six year-old American Labradoodle/Golden Retriever Mix from Wallingford. Owner Margaret says that "Scout is such a freakishly awesome badass dog that he recently chewed his paw to expose a tumor which turned out to be a malignant melanoma":


This is Bailey, THE REGAL SNOW BEAST that you saw earlier, as a little puppy:


This is Moop. Sean says, "He's a three-year-old golden retriever who lives in Bangkok":


Terry wants you to meet Stinker, Slog's resident eight-year-old, one-eyed, deaf miniature Poodle:


LeeLoo, a Miniature Pinscher mix who lives in Roosevelt, is about three years old. She's Margaret's "LBD," her Little Black Dog:


Hesher is a rescued Chiweenie in Ballard. Melanie says he's a "knucklehead, cat-harasser, and snuggler."


Woody is a seven-year-old fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, says Blaine. Woody is back and forth between the U-District and Lake Stevens:


Petra is a 12-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, poodle mix from Madrona, says our dog-department very own Chelsea: