Heirloom Twinkies: A man in Federal Way has 30-year-old Twinkies that he received for his birthday in 1982. In 2004, he "seriously thought about eating them," before realizing there wasn't a gun to his head.

Time to Cell-abrate: Cambridge scientists figured out how to make stem cells from a patient's blood.

Biden Looking at Things: Ever wondered what a Joe Biden Costco shopping trip looks like?

Bleak Friday: Community college killings in Wyoming claim three people including the suspect and a faculty member.

North Korea's state news agency reports that archeologists have discovered a unicorn's lair because things there weren't sufficiently ass-backward before.

Nicotine Doesn't See Color: Australian cigarettes packs will soon reflect the lifelessness of the dead bodies they stack up. A new law mandates no brand colors or logos allowed.

Tattoo Faced: The gullible man in Northern Indiana with the Romney-Ryan logo tattooed on his face is having the regrettable ink removed in part because, to him, "it not only represents a losing campaign, but a sore losing campaign."

Bikini Barista Robberies: Police say that the three Everett espresso stand robberies in the last two weeks were likely perpetrated by the same female suspect. KOMO can't believe there's a suspected female robber.

Selling Solar: The solar panel industry resorts to Tupperware tactics.

Saturday morning anxiety? That's because today is Woody Allen's 77th birthday: