UPDATE: Fuck, game over. See you all next weekend. Don't know what the refs are discussing: did he not control the ball? All scoring plays get reviewed, but this looks like 6 to me. And it is. See you next time!

UPDATE: the new NFL overtime rules are making this more entertaining. But the Seahawks' drive is pissing me off. TD wins it, FG the Bears get the ball back.

UPDATE: Jennings leaving injured not a good thing. For the Bears. Could be very good for the Hawks. As the Bears D sudden inability to tackle in the open field just might help you all.

UPDATE: Seattle driving. The bend-but-don't-break of the Bears' COVER 2 D is not suited for OT.

NExt best line of the day: "Don't like the Seahawks' green shit. Looks like it should be on a WBNA uniform."

UPDATE: OT. Which means another quarter worth of stupid FOX commercials. If we're lucky. I'm kinda rooting for a tie, just for shits and giggles. The Seahawks have a chance in the post-season, the Bears no way. Let's fuck up Vegas and various gambling operations.

UPDATE. FG for OT. would be nice if it were FG for win.

BRANDON MARSHALL long. 9 seconds to go. Not over till it's over. But pretty much over.

Downdate: All my assumptions of OT, of course, are based on the Bears getting a FG. Not guaranteed by any means.

Line of the day so far: "The Bears and Coach Majerus have something in common: they're both dead today."

UPDATE: Seattle TD. Under review.

UPDATE 1st and 10 from the Bears 14. Turnover or OT? Or will Carroll go for 2?

UPDATE Or maybe the Zebras will win this for Chicago. Penalties will kill ya.

UPDATE: Wilson is going to win this game for Seattle. Fuck. Driving, but not too fast, with 2 minutes to go. Best-case scenario for this Bears fan is a turnover. Likelier, Seattle scores. A TD wins it, a FG send us to OT. Not optimistic.
CORRECTION: Seattle needs a TD. 14-10 does not equal a tie with 3 points. PhD is not in Math

UPDATE: teh dee-fensive struggle continues.

UPDATE: and it's 6 points on the board. I still say the Bears will lose by the 3 points they failed to take.

UPDATE: Bears put together a drive? Sheesh. The last drive put together in Chicago was Lake Shore Drive. Awaiting replay call on what looks from this barstool like a touchdown.

Hey, there's a sporting competition between the overpaid ath-a-letes representing Chicago and Seattle! And at intermission—or, wait, half-time—Seattle is leading 10-7, thanks to the Bears stupidly going for a 4th-and-inches instead of kicking a field goal. Also, Seattle's defense is kicking ass. Updates as warranted. And, ah, the nostalgia: my nom de slog comes from a plan to live-slog an anticpated Seahawks-Bears playoff game that didn't happen. Story of my life.