Reader Tim writes, "I was saddened to find your post too late and now my partner and I can't get married at City Hall as planned. Can you post a list of other December 9 venues that are offering "first-day" open-house weddings? I'm sure there are hundreds of others who wanted to get married at city hall and now can't..."

It's true: City Hall is completely booked. City officials even extended the wedding invite to accommodate more couples: "Our original plan would have accommodated only 80, but when we saw the demand, we were able to find room for more wedding locations in City Hall and increase to 140," states the wedding webpage. Alas, those spots filled up, too. But the website adds:

If you'd like to wait on standby, feel free to come down to City Hall between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and join the celebration. Just be sure to let our staff know when you arrive that you'd like to get married so they can place you on the standby list. We'll try to serve everyone on the standby list, but our first priority will be those who registered in advance, so we can't make any promises.

So there's an option. Other than that, I'm not aware of any other venues offering free weddings in honor of Washington's new gay marriage laws. But perhaps, dear Sloggers, you know of a magnanimous venue or two?

If so, please leave them in the comments!

UPDATE: Couples can participate in a "fully complimentary" group ceremony courtesy of Lake Union Cafe and MK Skansonia (reservations required, .pdf!); Seattle First Baptist Church (1111 Harvard Ave) is holding a free group ceremony at 2:00 p.m. and "no couple with license will be turned away"; and Bizzarro (1307 N 46th St) is holding a midnight wedding ceremony, advance booking required (632-7277, not sure if this one's free).

UPDATE II: The S'Klallam Tribe is also offering to host up to 20 marriage ceremonies, free, in their beautiful Heronswood botanical gardens in Kingston (reservations required, call JoAnn at 360-297-6305 or email them).

Look for more info on free receptions and restaurant perks for newlyweds in this week's paper!