State senator Ed Murray from Seattle got a call the other a day. A man had apparently read this Seattle Times article that said Murray intends to sponsor legislation "that would open state-funded college aid to low-income graduates of state high schools who are in the country unlawfully."

Here's a voice mail left for Murray:

And here's the transcription:

Hey you, liberal douchebag. What's this shit I hear about you trying to take our, uh, hard-earned tax dollars and give it to these, uh, illegal immigrants so they can go to college? What do you got, your white guilt, you fuckin' liberal douchebag. I fuckin' better not hear you givin' one penny of my hard-earned tax dollars to these fuckin' illegal wetbacks, ya fuckin' douchebag.

Yeah, conservative America is racist—it's tradition. But they're not just freaking out over immigrants; they're torn between introspection and hysterics because they've lost their grasp on American politics. Some are vowing to change the party to attract Latinos, African Americans, gays, women, and other groups they've offended. But this caller's raw uncensored moment with the state's senate majority leader lets on just how feverishly some conservatives are pushing in the opposite direction. Since the election, conservatives in state legislatures around the country are pressing for legislation to ban aid for immigrants, ban abortions, intimidate women considering abortions, and doubly ban gay marriage where it's already illegal. The sad part for them is that these sort racist, sexist, homophobic gestures—or laws, if they're successful—continue pushing their party further into the fringe. The more they freak out, the worse it gets for them.

And the worse it get for conservatives, the crazier that callers like this guy get.