MERE SHOUTING WILL NOT STOP THE SLOG CHARITY CHALLENGE! We're putting all that behind us and continuing to raise money for the very, very great Northwest Harvest, helping feed hungry people across our state this holiday season.

So far Slog has raised $3,367 to help! YAY, SLOG!!!

Today's contest: Along with your donation receipt, just send in your original haiku about seafood, and you will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Kevin Davis's Blueacre Seafood, courtesy of Dine Around Seattle. Haikus will be accepted until midnight tonight, and they will be judged by the Stranger promotions department on syllable-number, creativity, and humor and/or pathos. The winner of SEAFOOD DELIGHT will be announced tomorrow.

Just give to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford!

You will also become a Slog SWASHBUCKLING HERO, if you're not one already—just include your commenter handle, and we'll set you up. Ah, the sea!!! And YOU are a HERO for helping!