Disgruntled Customer Allegedly Responsible for U-District Shooting


Talk about eluding, that was an interesting chase.
Regarding gun violence and Bob Costas, got this from the Brady Campaign:

P.S. Bob Costas should be applauded for joining that conversation, for boldly representing the voice of all of us who know we are better than this and want to live in a safer nation. If you would like to send a letter to NBC to show your support for Bob, you can email nbcsportshelp@nbcuni.com

I've sent an email, and I really hope people on here who support rational discussion of this issue will send one also. Calling for his firing is total bullshit.
Ahahahahahaaa, what kind of utter tool does a drive-by with a pellet gun?
@3, are you implying he would be less of a tool had he used a real gun?

This story is a good reminder that the customer is notalwaysright.com
#2 Way to go emailing NBC! You GO bra'!!!
I'll "join in the conversation" and send NBC an email to encourage them to fire hack media tools who should just shut their yap-hole about subjects they clearly don't have the mental horsepower to pontificate on.
And fuck the Brady Campaign.