Jon Stewart Wins the War On the War On Christmas


This is just awful. Awful.
I am so looking forward to my Christmas bowel movement.
this is one of the funniest things i've ever seen. and i'm a christian!
Awesome clip, I love when Stewart goes on long rants like that!

As for the "War on Christmas?" What can you do?

1) Fox "News" needs to do something to rile up and piss off its viewers, and
2) Large groups of so-called christians, who are a majority in this country, nevertheless need to feel victimized.

One thing though... It's not the atheists who are warring on christmas, it's the Big, Free-Market, Capitalist Businesses that are. The evangelical republican's bestest friends, the multi-national corporations, are the ones who completely and utterly secularized christmas. Atheists weren't the ones who demanded christmas cards print "Happy Holidays!" The businesses did that all by themselves.
Sometimes Stewart just kills it.

Bill O'Reilly was trying to Gish Gallop that Atheist with his "Christianity is a not a Religion" BS. When you have to spend the segment arguing that the sky is blue you never get to state your own views.
After watching this, I'm thinking that we need a REAL War on Christmas.

Stewart is right to warn us of the danger posed by the aggressive, expansionist monster Christmas has become. Thanksgiving must be liberated and Halloween must be protected. Appeasement will not do! We must drive Christmas back to its lawful temporal borders to save the Holidays we hold dear.
There's been a war on bell bottoms and wide lapels since the '70s.
In the full clip of that Santa Monica story, that blonde bimbo Steve Doocy gives the explanation thusly:

"The city of Santa Monica has decide... to end their 60-year Christmas tradition of setting up festivity scenes along Ocean Avenue, right there by the water. That's because last year, atheists took over a majority of the booths, and the city didn't want to have to referee any religious rumbles."

The other moron, Peter Johnson Jr (Fox's "legal analyst"), says it's the product of the "heckler's veto". In the three and a half minutes that they're discussing the story, neither one of shows enough respect for their viewers or integrity - "journalistic" or otherwise - to bother mentioning that it was actually the trashing of those atheist displays (presumably by Christians) that actually caused the problem, not the mere presence of said displays, as they're clearly implying.

The case has since been dismissed.
Remember when talking about The War on Women was disrespectful to the troops?
"Christianity is not a religion". Gonna lose that tax exempt status, then, eh?