Maddow on Santorum's New Gig at World Net Daily


From the Senate to Wing Nut Daily? Oh, how the mighty* have fallen!

*mighty** delusional, that is.

**yes, I know that should be in the adverbial form.
What @1 said.
Can we see a picture of the butt that caused the buttfumble?
Well, he should feel right at home.
Saw her show last night. She was in good form. I like how she referenced Santorum's Google problem and then pointed out that his new internet presence is probably even more of an embarrassment.
@3 Here you are. I'm sure there's a larger photo out there somewhere, but that's all I've got at the moment.
Gawd I love her...
Hey you know I maybe could want do something with that cane thing. Tell me more.
hey you grew up good job
Aztec culture. Finally!
It is easy laugh at the cane self-defense video, though a cane can be quite useful. But the new(-ish) interest in self-defense for old folks is rooted in the highly successful fearmongering of WND and their ilk.

Yes, in the hands of a WELL trained experienced person (agility helps, too) a cane is an excellent weapon. But does that really describe grandma after watching the video a couple times.
@11: I choose to believe, the answer is YES! Whole generations of formerly sedate grannies will shortly be revealed as a deadly ninja fighting force!
Great editorial, though I wouldn't say that WND and Rick Santorum represent "half" of America. I'd say half of half, because there are a lot of republicans who eschew that ridiculous bullshit as well.

Still, "infestation"? Can you believe these people?
This is the sort of video that always comes to mind when I hear MSNBC being referred to as the liberal equivalent to Fox. Maybe I'm wrong to think Maddow is the biggest name there, but at least she clearly cites all her news stories. I can't recall the last time I saw a clip of a Fox show where they show a reputable source for their stories. They don't bother with any source most (all?) of the time, just "some are saying", and "it's been reported", and "there are rumors that" as their only grounding for a story that's clearly an opinion piece, typically titled with a leading statement ending in a question mark.
@13 Yeah, half was an overstatement by Rachel. Even half of half is probably an overstatement, since I doubt that all of Santorum's supporters qualify as absolute wingnuts. I'd guesstimate that 10% of the population is batshit crazy right wing, which translates to around 22% of Republican voters, since the batshit are somewhat more likely to vote than the population as a whole.

Still, that was the only thing in the entire clip that hit my "that's not really being fair or accurate" sensor, which is quite impressive given how much astonishingly galling material she had.

@1 Love how you correct your own grammar! lol *

*ps loved the content as well.
@15: SOME of the batshits are more likely to vote. There's also a sub-group of batshit crazy right-wingers who think voting itself is a conspiracy, or that both candidates are controlled by the Illuminati or the Lizard People, so they vote third-party or sit it out.

Trust me, I have one on my Facebook feed. I keep planning to de-friend him but the entertainment value is just too much.
@13,15 You're complaining about the statement at about the 5:30 mark, right?

"The guy who actually came in second to Mitt Romney this year, the guy who was the runner-up in the Republican Party's efforts to pick their nominee, the guy who could have been Mitt Romney if for some reason it didn't work out for Mitt Romney, he landed at World Net Daily. He's sharing space with the White secession guy. We have a 2 party system in this country and that is what half of our two party system is. That is half of what is supposed to be plausible in American politics. Rick Santorum at World Net Daily. Also cane fighting!"

It seems to me that you're misinterpreting what she said, and arguing the point she actually made: Santorum and certainly not World Net Daily, simply can not espouse views that should be considered mainstream or endorsed by one of our two major political parties.
And this is different from his previous position in the Republican party... how?
I know nothing about WND, so I went to World NEWS Daily. I looked at it and thought "this can't be right, it just looks like a news site". Then I caught the mistake and went to World NET Daily. Yep. Wingnuts.
I think she left out WND's greatest achievement: "Soy is making kids 'gay'",\

It's almost too much to believe that it's not a parody. But it is most definitely real.