SL Letter of the Day: Sibling Kisses


that was really a tough one danny.

you handled it like a pro.....
It might be disgusting, but consenting-adult incest is a victimless crime.

However, she seems to have some other red flag issues that prevent me from saying "go for it."

There's also how this will affect the family relationship later, but since you've already made out maybe that ship has already sailed.
$100 says they moved to Kentucky together.
Dear Mississippi Penthouse,
I never thought it would happen to me, but...
I suppose it could happen but it sounds contrived.
If I wanted to read about fake incest stories, I'd go to reddit.
What was that John Sayles movie? Lone Star? It had a half-sibling relationship, and it worked out OK.
Spit take, #4.
@7 yes, it was Lone Star - which was a very good movie about a race in a small Texas town.

The kicker is that the two characters in question didn't know they were half-siblings when they hooked up as adults - they discovered that they had the same father only afterwards, and then decided to continue based on the rationale that she couldn't get pregnant... so what-the-hell.
@9 "movie about race" not "movie about a race"
Hey, they're consenting adults and their family already sounds pretty messed up, so what the hell. Except based on the sister's history I would counsel the LW to insist on using two different foolproof methods of birth control. If she doesn't agree, no hot Kentucky lovin' for her.

They did? I thought she suggested they continue, and he rejected that idea.
It's not wrong because it's half-incest, it's wrong because she's a hot mess and LW is going to have a tough time cutting ties when it flames out. She's always going to know where he lives. 
@12 It was sort of ambiguous, hence the confusion here. They didn't necessarily reject it, though, giving the impression it continued, but we don't really know. Just gotta say Kris Kristofferson was excellently evil in that film. Just a low-down SOB.
@2 I'd say we'd all be victims here.
I never call fake on these letters, but this one really does sound fake.
Lone Star is a great movie, Chris Cooper at his best. Think how good that is!

The end is ambiguous. I say they went for it!
Needs more cocaine (already has the malt liquor).
Chipped in $5. Wish I had more to give. This is all so beautiful.
What? That posted in the wrong thread. Aaaargh.
I'm from Louisville and all this Kentucky-hate is giving me a sad