The Burping Sinkhole


The best part of the BP disaster was we didn't have to listen to a single elected official tell Americans to stop driving as much since that is directly related to those disasters.

So ONWARD to more drilling and the XL Pipeline!!! I'm gonna buy an SUV this weekend!!!!
Don't worry, chances are the Louisiana engineers were using faith-based techniques, something that would not happen in the civilized world.
I thought The Stranger was a protected wildlife reserve.
Smiting Hand of God = Invisible Hand of the Market

If oil drilling should destroy you all in a horrible sink hole, it's just the Free Market's way of telling the world he loves us.
It's all part of the #climatecliff - meanwhile BP CEO just got his pay doubled. Today.
Actually, the drilling in that area has nothing to do with oil. It is a salt-mining operation. Now ultimately, the over-drilling and over mining down here is probably all related, but this doesn't have anything to do with oil drilling in general or the Deepwater Horizon specifically.

And as far as Jindal goes, he doesn't give two shits about the state he is governor of. He doesn't talk to any media in the state, and he spends more time traveling to try to advance his presidential campaign than worrying about what happens here.
That photo is art.
I'm dying to know what is going in there... although I moved FAR FAR AWAY (3 blocks) and never walk past it anymore. What is going to go there!?!?!!?!??? Do some detective work, The Stranger.
I believe that's a pile-driver, not a drilling rig, working across 11th Ave there, maybe shoring up the foundation?

The U-Link tunnel doesn't go directly under you guys, I don't think, but perhaps the excavations were close enough to disturb some of those shaky soil layers?
I'm going with the pile driver idea, and I would guess the same on the shoring part. The shoring though is probably more related to the redevelopment of the building, that includes adding several stories atop the existing structure, facade to be.

Oh, and oil is a type of hydrocarbon, so I would be surprised if crude oil didn't contain any.
@10 and @11 Yep, the "Pile King" logo on the excavator seems to confirm. *smile*
If you're looking for environmental depredations in Louisiana, you never have to look far. Long before BP was even called that, LA was riddled with the nation's largest concentration of chemical and pharmaceutical factories along the Mississippi, and, as Sheryl @7 points out, salt mining, as well as the oil variety. In fact, my guess would be a combination of the two, as oil drillers inadvertently puncture hollowed-out salt mines. That's what caused the famous Lake Peigneur salt-dome collapse and sinkhole, which sounds similar to this one.
Oh yeah, and as noted above that pile driver doesn't have anything at all to do with the oil industry.
@12, are you sure they don't just sell really nice, period correct carpets, and the fact that they're working on a pile driving project is merely coincidental?
They're making an apartment block across the street there, no? I didn't think it was a surprise or anything.