Our quest to raise money for the very, very great Northwest Harvest continues...

So far Slog has raised $ $4,567 to help! EXCELLENT.

And the winner of yesterday's SEAFOOD DELIGHT haiku contest is the wonderful bitethemailman, aka Adam, who says, "I have donated $20 to NWH because no one should ever be hungry. And, something about being a Swashbuckling Hero." BEHOLD his masterpiece:

Two blue rubber bands
I shot them across the room
Lobster Night

bitethemailman/Adam wins a $100 gift certificate to Kevin Davis's Blueacre Seafood, courtesy of Dine Around Seattle.

Be a giver like him! Just donate to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford!

You will also become a Slog SWASHBUCKLING HERO, if you're not one already—just send us your commenter handle along with your receipt, and we'll set you up. HEROES UNITE on Slog!