A Brief History of Local Riot Charges


Good thing they weren't smoking.
Many criminal laws are broad if you read them like a moron. Take a pen from the bank? Theft! Stand outside a store for a few minutes? Loitering!

But, for the most part, and despite the whining of dumb kids playing anarchists, prosecutors, police, judges, and juries are not idiots and understand the intent of these laws. There is no grand plan to stop these fools from overthrowing the state with their masks and silly signs. There were just some people, who very clearly rioted, and who now will enjoy a well deserved sanction for their assholish behaviors.

A correct use of Police Power if there ever was one.
Four people. It's "a person...acting with three or more other persons".
What exactly does smashing windows in broad daylight mean?

These people are white hipsters like us..can't you see ????

I'm sure this will be an unpopular idea with the anarchists Brendan is carefully cultivating as sources for future articles, but...

...perhaps the fact that riot is a rarely prosecuted crime in the US has less to do with political persecution than with the fact that Americans very rarely engage in rioting to begin with?