And Then They Went Home and She Did Fifty Sex Moves That Drove Him Wild Every Time


"antiquated ideas of womanhood"

Don't romance novels consistently do really well on ebooks? Sounds like they're following the market, not leading it.

Sounds so very Helen Churlish Brown.
i hope each chapter begins with a sex/personality/love quiz.
50 moves in one night? That's nearly all the positions in the Kama Sutra. Let's keep it in the realm of reality.
Fifty Shades of Dumb
Antiquated or not, anything that makes women want to fuck can't be all bad.
My wife reads dozens (if not hundreds) of romance novels a year. I don't think she reads Harlequin anymore, though. She's more into smaller companies who publish stories about polyamory and shapeshifters and polyamorous shapeshifters. On a side note, Google Chrome's spellchecker wants me to replace polyamory with polyandry.
Women like erotica, so what? I don't see you lamenting the old fashionedness of porn consumption.
"Sex moves" is such a goofy term.
@6, agreed. Fifty shades was an embarassment, but there were some benefits.
1/doceb: Sounds like they're following the market, not leading it.

That's my feeling too. Women (not all, of course) complain about men's interest in porn but the fact is that women love porn too, just a different kind of porn. Guys like to watch people fucking; women like "great dialogue and compelling romance."
That's a lot of rocks pressed into a lot of taints.
I also agree with @6.

And also, women are gobbling these like candy, so, apparently, they're not that offensive to women. Let 'em have their sex fantasies. Guys have theirs.
e-book readers are God's gift because nobody can see the cover of what you're reading. "Oh, you know, just some Dostoevsky in the original Russian" --
Ebook erotica is a huge market and make no mistake: when they talk about "compelling romance" that really means "hot fucking."

At least, that's what readers expect. It's entirely possible that Cosmo/Harlequin are so out of touch that they fail to print the whips-and-tentacles-and-triple-penetration dirty stuff that's really taking off now and instead publish some dull one man, one woman, missionary while gazing lovingly into one another's eyes boring shit.

Many women are huge perverts and they will spend obscene amounts of money on ebook erotica. God bless them.