Anti-Obama Movie Didn't Get Nominated for an Oscar Because Waaaaahhh


i was surprised to see it on redbox outside the supermarket.

don't doubt some of the cash earned was from thse who hadn't heard of the thing and didn't know it was propganda
"There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes."
But Atlas Shrugged II got so many nominations.

Wait. Whuuuuut? It didn't?

Almost every war film ever made is conservative-ish, and they win awards all the time.
Best dog-whistle clusterfuck of 2012.
Success* has zero relation to a film's worthiness for acclaim. For example, look no further than the Transformers franchise.

*And in this case, I'm assuming he means outstanding financial success, as critics absolutely hated this garbage. Even NPR called bullshit on D'Souza when they interviewed him, and they're utterly terrified of appearing biased.
I realize that none of the films I'm about to mention are documentaries, so, to a certain extent, I'm mixing apples and oranges, but here are a few films from the last few years that were commercially successful, nominated for Academy Awards, and conservative in their themes:

Juno--Ellen Page regrets becoming an inconveniently pregnant teenager. She considers abortion, but chooses life, and gives her child up to someone older and more affluent.

Slumdog Millionaire--impoverished young man pulls himself up by the bootstraps and makes a success of himself with no government help whatsoever!

Inglorious Basterds--a conservative, hawkish tale that accomplishes in fantasy what real, special-ops troops could not accomplish in life: Killing Hitler before he can kill himself!

Moneyball--the underdogs come out on top because of their own hard work and inspiration. And they do this in the almost entirely white and male world of professional sports management!

Up--a man goes on an adventure he's been waiting to have for nearly eighty years, but only after the death of the woman he married, loved and cared for his entire life.

Aren't these all conservative movies? Or am I missing something?
9/10 of the Hollywood movies I've seen in the last 30-odd years have featured either: 1) Good guys killing bad guys while driving big cars and shooting big guns, or 2) Good girls and boys falling in love and finding a way to stay in love despite the odds. Often both 1 and 2 are true simultaneously. If that ain't the very picture of the conservative establishment, I don't know what is.
But... it's not a documentary. Documentaries document things that have actually happened. 2016 predicts a dystopic future that WILL NOT HAPPEN. It's like calling "Blade Runner" a documentary about robots.

One of the best things about Obama being re-elected is that we have this movie as a literal benchmark to illustrate how fucking dumbass crazy conservatives have become. In 4 years we can all watch and laugh at it when none of this shit comes true.
@7 Yeah you missed a lot.
@10 Such as?
that so call documentary is much to do about nothing.