Repeal Day offers us a time for solemn reflection upon the lessons to be learned from America’s ill-fated flirtation with federally mandated temperance. We should all retire to our studies to ponder at length the troubling parallels between Prohibition and the War on Drugs, pausing at times to draw ruefully on our pipe and sip from our mug of spiced tea.

But really, who are we kidding? We know you’re going to dress up like characters from the Great Gatsby and douse yourselves in gin at artisan cocktail bars. Here’s a short list of places where you won’t feel like a sore thumb in that flapper dress or vintage fedora:

· Vessel: “We celebrate the anniversary of Repeal Day as the only true drinking holiday! It's time to dress in your best '30s garb and tear up the town! We'll have special drink menus, and a lot of friends having fun.”

· Knee High Stocking Co.: You have to make text message reservations for entry, but don’t let that ruin your anachronistic fun! $5 drink specials and happy hour all night.

· nomad.dinners End of Prohibition Party: Drink, dance, and dine the night away. It’s for a good cause: your ticket raises money for the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Also, Repeal Day specials at RN74, Liberty, and Smith!

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