This week's Stranger cover features a sweet, handsome man marrying a really fine-looking goat. I'd like to say for the record, as the photographer—a goat is not an easy model to shoot. I'd also like to say that Garrett, the man, is a lovely human. He's also in a pretty-sounding dream-pop band called CADET. And the goat, well, it's name is Snowflake, and it's featured in a neat, new book written by Seattle's own "Godmother of Goat Lovers" Jennie P. Grant.

More photo outtakes and book info, after the jump!

Oh, how I love a red rose! —Snowflake
  • Kelly O
  • "Oh, how I love a red rose!"—Snowflake

Cmere Snowflake...
  • "C'mere Snowflake..." "BLAAAAH!"

I think I look silly in a tie!
  • "I think I look silly in a tie!"

Blah! That champagne is CHEAP!
  • "Blah! That champagne is CHEAP!"

The cover!

Alright, are we done here?
  • "Alright, are we done here?"

Ooh, wait. ROSES!
  • "Ooh, wait. ROSES!"

  • CHOMP!

Thanks, Garrett. Gimme a kiss?
  • "Thanks, Garrett. Gimme a kiss?"

Snowflakes new city condo
  • Snowflake's new city condo

Snowflake, and roommate, Eloise
  • Snowflake, and roommate, Eloise

All photos Kelly O

Special thanks to Snowflake's mom, Jennie Grant. Buy her new book, City Goats, by clicking the cover. Read more about The Goat Justice League and also Grant, as profiled in 2010, in The Stranger.