Mr. Burns Explains the Fiscal Cliff



not raising the debt limit, causing default now that's a cliff. or a deep hole or something sudden and irrevocably damaging. the return to tax rates does not hit us suddenly, it only affects us marginally in each paycheck so even if you taxes go up $2K annually it's $40 in each weekly paycheck. bad, but not the same as falling off a cliff. the biggest impact is overall demand reduction, that's also flet over time. it's a slope. oh wait, slope doesn't sell media, so let's all buy into the frank luntz theme tested republican word even if we are alt hip media.....we're democrats we can't be bothered to call the right wing on its lies, we prefer to adopt them.

btw, wasn't the debt the big looming crisis, doesn't falling off the fiscal cliff actually put us on a path out of the debt hole? you can't really have contradictory disaster metaphors. that is, unless you're a lying republican they seem to use them contradictorily and guess what, even progressives adopt those memes.
This is why you shouldn't let petulant children drive.
@1 Language changes. Thirty years ago, Republicans labeled welfare "socialism." Today, among high schoolers, socialism enjoys a higher favorability t…

Do you think these children really want the state to seize private businesses? No, of course not. They want healthcare and subsidized education. It's just the name finally stuck, and the word "socialism" lost it's prior meaning. It's turning into a positive, "people get the basic necessities of life"-word, rather than a negative "the government takes your cow"-word.

Thirty years from now, "going over a cliff" will mean, "taking a necessary, if painful, step towards a meaningful recovery."
I wish it was a real cliff. And by that the entire country was heading towards a massive cliff that we would fall into...all the way down to the center of the earth and crash into little tiny pieces of dirt. CRASH!!!
I don't understand why Fox and Roger Ailes didn't just run Mr. Burns for President, and skip this Mitt Romney fellow who played his stunt double, altogether.
As funny as this is, they're always missing the key ingredient: idiots like @1. These are the voters who actually love being abused by the rich. There should be some proto-Nugent character, who is licking Burns' boots, paying him a ton of money for gas to drive his SUV, all the while griping about 'the Socialists.' Burns would treat him like a pet, an attack dog, unleashing him on protestors or the city council. A breathless Faux News reporter would be there live, saying things like "we're just reporting the controversy."
Shorter @6:

"Smithers, release The Nuge!"
why cant the actual simpsons show be this funny anymore?