Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide


Good one! Your headline could even read "United States Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide", and then...."the Supreme Court of the United States of Mexico." If you wanted to ratchet it up even more....

We are now the baloney in the sandwich of North America.
Well Mexico beat us to ending slavery too, so this really shouldn't be so surprising.
Gosh and I was about to spit out this mouthful of water in comic surprise! Good for Mexico though...
And this is in a heavily CATHOLIC COUNTRY.
@2: More like balonely.
USA is lame... Mexico and Canada grant it's citizens full civil equality before the supposed "beacon of freedom" we call, 'Merica does. Effin' LAME !!!
you shouldn't put up with this shit, Danny...

the Rio Grande can be forded in both directions, you know....
Ah, you jerk! I gave an audible woo just now... I mean, it's still great, but not audible woo worthy.
We're now less progressive than Mexico. Brilliant.
Damn you. I thought the U.S. Supreme Court had made some major announcement about the eight cases, or whatever, on gay marriage that it's trying to pick from. But nooooo. It's the Mexican Supreme Court. Oh, well.
¡Holy frijoles!
Oh that's easy.

It's because the US is where the rest of the world dumped their religious loonies. :)
Now which country can KKKonservatards turn to? Which one has the bravery to come begging for us to send them our Right-Wing Nutjobs, our Neo-Fascist Crackers, our Hate-Crazed Submorons?
"When will the land of the free and home of the brave... make with the freedom for same-sex couples already and stop pandering to to rightwing bedwetters?"

Probably right around the same time it owns up to its genocidal origins and makes reparations to the few Native Americans who remain; i.e., when hell freezes over.
That was way cruel, Dan.
@14, Christian loonies. There are loonies aplenty of other religions and they are rising elsewhere.
@14- Damn Puritans! England should have executed more of them and not sent them here.
Sigh. Even Mexico is now more progressive than the US.
@14 Dude! The Spanish Catholic Church of the 16th Century! The Counterreformation! Those Spanish conquistadores and the settlers that followed were plenty crazy themselves. And yet, Mexico has gay marriage before us. That's macho-culture Mexico. So go figure.
Mexico hasn't legalized same-sex marriage yet, according to the news reports I've seen. The Mexican Supreme Court struck down a law against SSM in the state of Oaxaca. That legalizes SSM in that state, but only that state. It is believed that this will help to overturn laws against SSM in other states, but that will take time.…

@9 - the rights of people in Mexico mean less to you? Nice.
Equality to the north of us, equality to the south of us. But no equality here yet. It's both good news and disheartening at the same time.
Mexico also had a trans woman elected to a national office before us (a senator from one of the weird parts of Oaxaca that was never 100% converted), but the conservative parties were unfortunately successfully able to charge electoral fraud because her voter registration did not match the name/gender she campaigned under.

Would be nice if they could get abortion made legal outside of Mexico City, though.
@1, you should know that Mexico's just ditched the "United States of" moniker and gone back to plain ol' Mexico.
@1 (...@26)

but otherwise your idea was totally shitty....
On the one hand I am really happy, and that is awesome news for Mexico. On the other...C'mon! Seriously? Why is the US so GD retrograde?
@22 nevertheless, marriages performed in one state, must be recognized in ALL states (article 121 paragraph IV of the Mexican Constitution) and also ruled by the Supreme Court.
In Mexico, religious marriages are NOT recognized by the State unlike in the US, and I think this is one big reason why people in the US have such a big problem recognizing same sex marriages.
In Mexico, as in most of Western Europe, you can have a church wedding if you want, but you must also have a civil ceremony. By the way, most catholic priests in Mexico, require proof that you already got married in a civil ceremony or that it will be performed right after the church wedding before the agree to perform the marriage.
Also, equality was established in Canada by their Supreme Court, equality is being established in Mexico by their Supreme Court. If our Supreme court grants cert to one/some/all of the cases on deck and does not establish equality in this country, I'm...I'm...I don't know what the fuck...Gaah.
@22: Yes, but it's a downhill battle at this point. There's no conceivable legal basis for striking down laws against same sex marriage in Oaxaca but not the rest of the country. And same sex marriages performed in Mexico City already have federal recognition - a gringo coworker of mine is getting married to his boyfriend next year, which already (even before this ruling and formal legalization in every state) was going to put him on the fast track to citizenship, just like if it were an opposite sex marriage.

Another thing is that Mexico, despite being like 99% Catholic, has also historically had much stronger separation between church and state than the US has had, though it's been eroding in recent decades. And while this is a macho, Catholic country, it seems like homophobia here is more of the passive, bro-dude "that shit's gross" kind, where people don't like gay people and make fun of them but kind of end it there, than the activist homophobia you get in the US. I can't imagine something like Chick-Fil-A Day happening in Mexico.

Catholics are not a homogeneous group, just look at this country. While the church hierarchy here is staunchly conservative, that is not an absolute representation of Catholic laymen which are essentially equally divided among conservatives and liberals.
FINALLY. I now have a border country close to me just like Dan does where I can go get married if I want to.