WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Why Doesn't the Downtown Christmas Tree Light Up?


Samhain must be observed!
If this tree doesn't light up what the hell did they do for this year's annual tree lighting ceremony?
@2 the lighting is of the star on Macy's, actually. It's a Hindu thing.
Ridiculous! Even the pathetic Charlie Brown tree at Pike Place Market has lights on it.
Because it's...highly reflective?
Why do they have to put a chain-link xmas tree skirt around it? I think it's always been that way, but it looks horrible, and makes it seem like there's a perpetual construction zone around it.
It's so that our atheist missiles can't target it in the dark. We only attack under cover of night, you see. During the day, we're too busy crying liberal crocodile tears into our copies of On the Origin of Species as we Jewishly try to spread godless secularism and abortion through our liberal homosexual ACLU universities.

(For those who don't understand my reference, please click here, or here.)
Zionist conspiracy
It's not even a real tree! It's just a bunch of boughs lashed together in a tree shape!
Every time they try and plug it in an atheist runs out from behind a tree and unplugs it!
All kidding aside, it is really lame. Last year they couldn't get ice skating right, this year it's a "tree" that doesn't light.
This may seem like a silly thing, but without a big lit up tree, I have one less trip to take downtown with my wife. I'm sure others will stop bothering to come see the tree and thus not shop downtown on that trip.
@1 Samhain was 5 weeks ago. What's your point?
@6 Shiny razor wire would be more festive! It's like tinsel with teeth.
The lights are being used for my Zionist community's hanukkiahs.
@13 only the good stuff, fresh off a roll.

It's even better when it ices over, fwiw.

At least in Fremont we put a giant red star on Lenin, and the bars serve hot chocolate (fresh from Theo's Chocolate Factory), hard cider, and beer.
A bit of petrol and a match will fix that right up...