Jon Stewart Shows Proof That Senate Republicans Haven't Learned a Damn Thing


Fucking Republican assholes.
To be a republican anymore, you basically have to decide to ignore all facts and logic.

Republicans tank the economy every chance they get. They brazenly state that they do not think women, gays, minorities, non-christians or the disabled are actually people. Their foreign policy consists of constant war. They support unequal hiring practices, and desire the working class to be wage slaves. This is all in their platform in kinder language policy points.

There is nothing good to be had there. All their policies are either magic-dependent, outdated, or evil (unspeakably cruel at best).

Please note I said "Republican," not "conservative."
Protection for the disabled costs businesses money. Naturally, the GOP is against costing businesses money, anywhere, at anytime, for any reason.

aka what @1 said.
The people who vote republican in this country are such a bizarre mess of contradictory nonsense. Is it any wonder their party is going insane?

Seriously, one of their most treasured supporters, old people, simultaneously hate the idea of medicare but adore their own receiving of medicare.

How the hell do you square that?
Nice burn, Kerry.

This GOP behavior comes as no surprise to me. As jaded as I am about politics, Republicans never fail to lower the bar further.
The crazy UN-haters are just the shiny bits stealing your attention. wxPDX has it right though, follow the money. Making factories and other buildings accessible is, as we say in the Midwest, spendy
@3, 6:

Keep in mind that U.S. businesses already have to follow the ADA. So it is not about saving private money interests in the U.S. Basically, they voted against measures and recommendations which would aid other countries on the path of similar accessibility standards. It would not even affect America, as these protections are already law here.

They voted to harm the disabled in other countries for the sheer political thrill, and to make it seem like they are anti-UN no matter what.

Which is even fucking worse.
What @7 said. This treaty doesn't affect the US in any way. Not only is it already law here, the treaty was modeled on the US law.

I think the Tea Party is gearing up for an attempt to repeal the ADA. If these damn disabled freeloaders want to get up the curb, they're just going to have to learn to get up out of their wheelchairs and walk like the rest of us, goldurn it.

Most shameful thing that's happened in the Senate in a long, long time.
I agree that the Senate should have ratified this treaty, especially as it would have no effect on U.S. courts. The ADA, however, is not without problems.
I'm almost 70 and in all my years I can't remember ever -- EVER -- being disappointed by the Republicans' apparently unequalled skill at sheer assholishness. They go from triumph to triumph in the competition with themselves. They're like toddlers who pile blocks on top of blocks on top of blocks on top of blocks . . . and then wail when the stack falls down on them. Truly, there's something lacking in their development, that they seem to have no sense of shame whatsoever.
Rachel Maddow did 10 minutes on this a day earlier. Followed by Laurence O'Donnell who had tears in his eyes as he delivered this "shame of the Senate" story.
@7 & 8,
Actually, this UN mandate would impact the US. It would require foreign companies to adhere to our ADA. Thus they would be on slightly more even footing with our companies in terms of cost to their business. This would bring the costs of their products up a little closer to the costs of US businesses.

In other words this would be a boon to US business by making us more competitive on the global stage. Well, at least it would be a boon to US businesses that don't base their business model on outsourcing to the cheapest possible shit holes in the world so they can give all the money to the CEO at least.