YAY DAN AND TERRY!: Look at all the happy couples getting marriage licenses! My heart is exploding with happiness for everyone!

John McAfee Has Been Arrested: And now he's blogging from a jail cell.

It's Not Really a Surprise Now, Is It: "The top U.S. and Russian diplomats will hold a surprise meeting Thursday with the United Nations' peace envoy for Syria, signaling fresh hopes of an international breakthrough to end the Arab country's 21-month civil war."

Is This How Earth Started?: James Cameron found "bizarre-looking, filamentlike clumps of microorganisms." Science is great!

More Great Science: A "brain pacemaker" might help Alzheimer's patients.

The UW Has Invented a Disappearing Condom: "Electrically spun cloth with nanometer-sized fibers can dissolve to release drugs, providing a platform for cheap, discrete and reversible protection."

Made in the USA: Apple plans on spending more than $100 million to build Macs here in the US next year.

Gross: It started as a joke, but now Pizza Hut really is making a perfume.

GOOD RIDDANCE: KOMO is buying out Ken Schram's contract.

RIP Space Spider: The first "spidernaut" has died.

In NHL Lockout News: There has been an offer. I REPEAT. There has been an offer!