Truth In Advertising


Wait, can someone tell me when "the 99%" became 98%? And why? I'm a little behind on my liberal memes...
@1 probably because top democrats are still pushing the idea that 250k a year in household income makes you "middle class". That's about the cutoff for the top 2%.
I can sort of understand why liberals hate investment bankers, but why are you guys always bashing to oil companies? What do you think the world runs on, apple sauce?
Ken @ 3 When you say "the world" you really mean the economy, right? The World's not worried about climate change, the world will be just fine, still spinning, still round, still green and blue (probably), but the economy - you know that you think of as the world, is gonna be fucked.
@4 By "the world" I mean 21st century human civilization.
@3 The world running on them makes them think they can skirt the rules, and sometimes that leads to disaster.

*cough* BP *cough*

If a company cared they would have greater investments into clean energy rather than spend all their money lobbying in DC to muddy the debate on climate change.

So yes, the world does run on them, and they wish to keep it that way despite the fact that cleaner, safer sources of energy could be readily made available.
@6 "cleaner, safer sources of energy could be readily made available."

I don't think that's true. I don't blame Obama to much for the Solyndra debacle. However, I think it is a good example of how the alternative energy industry has failed to create a viable alternative to the fossil fuel economy.
@7 Nobody is willing to invest in making energy truly available to everybody because of the profit margins. It's the same issue Tesla faced in 1917.

Just imagine if Nikola Tesla had lived another 10 years? Or if anyone had been willing to invest in his visions towards the end.
@8 Obama invested quite a bit of tax-payer money in Solyndra, it still went belly-up. Ethanol is another example of a renewable, though not green, energy source that doesn't work very well despite generous public subsidies.
@9 When creating and embracing new forms of energy, failures like those are just part of the process. How many people tried to capitalize on fossil fuels that failed originally? How many refineries went out of business?

New technology is inherently full of risk, but the rewards are great and in this case, very, very necessary.