Seattle Marc writes (bolds mine):


I have never been more insulted in my life.

This week’s cover exemplifies the anti-gay position more so than ANYTHING I have ever seen from them.

Maybe you thought it was “cute” in some extraordinarily perverted way, but you post that cover while the Seattle Times has a cover that makes gay people proud.

I can only wait to see how many gay organizations or organizations supportive of equal rights nail your collective asses to the wall. I can hardly wait for the ensuing lawsuits, justifiable lawsuits at that. What’s next?....A cover proclaiming Hitler was right??

Thanks for ridiculing and belittling the work of your forebearers, fucking little snots.

(I never use profanities, but I have glanced through the Stranger enough to know that you consider them the epitome of intelligent expression, while the rest of us just realize they show your uneducated ignorance and inability to formulate coherent thoughts using a proper vocabulary. And let's face it, without the word fuck somewhere, you would not be able to even try to pay attention to anything else said, because gutter talk (and as per your cover, apprarently [sic] thinking) is your stock and trade.)

With "friends" like you, who needs enemies? Old saying, but seriously true in this case. I am just bracing for your cover to go viral on all the anti-gay sites, and the equal rights people to jump down your throats. I haven't spent 40+ years of addressing discrimination to see you pipsqueaks load the ammo into the opposition's guns.