For the last day and a half, the King County Recorder's Office has been sending out breathless, near-hourly updates on the number of marriage licenses its issued since gay marriage became legal in our state. I'm totally loving them. Here's the latest:

The King County Recorder’s Office has issued 54 marriage licenses as of 2:30pm. That is almost double what we issue in total on a Friday at this time of year. There are more to come, as the Recorder’s Office will be open until 6:30 tonight.

Overall, our demand for marriage licenses on Thursday spiked by more than 1200%. That’s not a typo. On a normal Thursday in December, the Recorder’s Office issues about 40 licenses. We issued a record-smashing 489 on Thursday. In addition, King County accounted for more than 50% of all the marriage licenses issued in the state of Washington on Thursday.

That's a grand total of 543 marriage licenses issued in the last day and a half. Congratulations to all the happy couples!