Slog nerds, saddle up: come on out tonight to the Raygun Lounge for some beer/wine/mead and gaming (board games, card games, minis gaming...? who knows!) with Slog nerds Paul Constant, Mary Traverse, and the two of us—although Rob is feeling under the weather and doesn't want to accidentally LARP Pandemic. (If you get that, your attendance is expected.)

Feel free to bring any game you want to play or teach. E.g., Paul Constant has never played either Small World or that new game everybody is talking about, Settlers of Catan. So that ignorance of canon needs to be remedied quickly and discreetly.

And a bonus for tonight: Wizards of the Coast is loaning us Tabletop Games Developer Chris Dupuis, to demo the rerelease of "Dungeon!"—a quick-playing game for 1 to 8 players that's the much-improved evolutionary offspring of a 1975 classic.

Dungeon! comes with rules for playing by yourself. As if it were insinuating something.

Also, FYI, we're sharing the space tonight with the nice folks at QueerGeek! and their Ladies Gaming Night (think of it as QueerGeek!SlogCon!), so anyone looking for a measure of dudelessness should also find some tables to their liking.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.