Nerdy Slog Happy Hour TONIGHT, at the Raygun Lounge, 5p to 9p


Wait a sec... I thought we were meeting at the Rendezvous?
Best wishes, I hope you all have fun. I will be at home playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, so I hope my nerd cred is still intact. Maybe I'll attend the next time you guys do this (and you will, I hope).
Cienna and I will be playing strip Risk. You might want to dress in layers, 'cause I'm gonna hold the shit out of Europe.
Can't make it. Have fun. And, if anyone knows a way I can purchase Kirk Cameron's Anti-Evolution board game (for less than $200), let me know?!? I SO wish I'd known about this in 2006 because I would've driven to my nearest Christian Family Store, for sure!…
LARP Pandemic sounds like a riot. But you guys should use Defenders of the Realm. Similar mechanic but a far more immersive experience.

Yeah I'm a geek.
Tracy @4, this is the MOST MAGICAL THING EVER! Thank you!!!!!
I will be there as soon as I can be. Do you really have to bring your own games or can you borrow them from the store like another board/card-game pub some of us admire?
Under the weather, hope you have great fun!
@3, It's actually perfect because I have a horrific outbreak of eczema at the moment. I assume shedding layers of skin counts as stripping?
@7: They have games there!
I've been playing the new Dungeon! with my kids. There's way too much luck involved to keep adults interested, unless you're pretty deep into your beer and need something light. However, it's only $20, which would get you a third of your average Euro. This was the gateway game for me back in the day.
Dungeon!!! My parents still have that game up on the shelf. I played the heck out of it with my dad. We were annoyed with the featureless pawns that came with the game, so we went out to the model store and got little lead(!) figurines and we painted them together. So many awesome memories... and some nightmares about Black Puddings and Purple Worms...
@4 - Oh, that's awesome.
Oh shit, thank you SO MUCH @2, that is awesome! I had no idea they were updating bg!
@9 - Aww yeah.
A video about Dungeon!: