There Are 17 Warships Off the Coast of Syria: So much for not telegraphing our intentions.

Bill Clinton Thinks War on Drugs Hasn't Worked: I would say abject failure or mind-boggling calamity, but at least the old dog is coming around.

GOL! Or Not, Hold On, Let Me Review the Play: Which FIFA officials can now do with the institution of goal-line sensors.

Look More Gay Marriage Talk! Maybe soon it will just be called marriage! The MPs in England will be taking a vote next week.

I Know There Is a Joke to Be Made Here: But I'll leave it up to you Slog. Bedbugs have been found in the UW stacks, the administration is currently freezing them off.

Egyptian Army Warns About 'Dark Tunnel': In a statement on Egyptian T.V. an army spokesman noted, "The armed forces affirm that dialogue is the best and only way to reach consensus."

Ukulele, the Feel-Good Instrument: Unless you're feeling it on your head, like a West Seattle convenience store employee did after an alleged shoplifter was caught, reports Kiro.

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenge of DOMA: I'm sure you'll hear more about this on Slog today. But this is a good day. They announced on Friday that the Supreme Court will hear challenges on DOMA and Prop 8 in March.

Itty Bitty Tsunami Waves: In Japan, but nothing to freak over.

Keep Your Puppies Safe: The parvovirus is spreading rapidly, so if you have a little puppy keep them away from dog parks. Additionally, some jerk mailed a rooster to the post office in a cardboard box.

Drones For Good! Google is spending wads of cash to use drones to kill catch Rhino poachers in Africa.