The ceremony began at 11:57 p.m. on December 8 and finished shortly after the stroke of midnight on December 9—the first day that same-sex couples could legally wed in Washington State—making Sarah and Emily Cofer the first gay married couple in Washington State history:



It was after the narrow passage of last winter's marriage-equality bill, the governor's signature, the referendum run by conservative Christians, the visceral campaign all summer, the narrow vote last month, and the marriage certificates three days ago that finally Judge Mary Yu—pronounced "marry you"—officiated the ceremony:


And of course Anne Levinson, the woman behind the curtain of marriage equality this year, stood off to the side of the courtroom holding the Cofer's nine-month-hold baby, Carter:


"It's a little overwhelming," Sarah said when asked about the pack of reporters and photographers who surrounded them. "It's a bit hot in here." But, it must also be said, I've never seen so many grinning reporters in my life—damn liberal media.