Watch Couples Marry at City Hall


I feel silly sitting at home doing nothing. Can we bring anything for the couples waiting? Coffee? Doughnuts? Booze?
@1 - I actually really like that idea. Maybe go by the Top Pot downtown and pick up a few dozens and a whole bunch of coffee...

Somebody else do that. I'm indecent and also broke.
So Danny, will your shiny new official state "marriage" cure your wandering eye?

Or do you still insist on the right to commit adultery?

We can see how a shitty Canadian "marriage" would not have the power to make a decent husband out of you but surely a genuine USA certificate will do the trick?

You know, when a man loves a woman he can't even conceive of cheating on her. literally.

Whatever makes a man want to pair up with another man obviously doesn't have the same hold as heterosexual love, judging from your many cynical comments on the matter.

But now that you have a legal USA marriage will you even make a pretense at walking the walk?
Move to Washington State, where one is truly free to find life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are as of this day the only state in the Union where one is truly free.

So let them leave Utah in droves. Let the only people left in Idaho be old, miserable, hateful creatures that drove out the brightest and most creative people, and let Washington absorb all that incoming talent. In ten years, we will have the strongest economy, the most robust safety net, and the best community of any state in America. Leave Virginia to wonder why it is that their best days are behind them, and ours lay just ahead.
That's a great idea!

and the added benefit would be to raise the average IQ of Utah, Idaho AND Washington......
From the SL Trib this morning....…

So far, most comments are kind and pro- marriage.
I went past a while ago and the scene is lovely. @1, many well wishers are bringing flowers to beautify things in general.
I want to go and see the Chapelettes (is that the right word) that some theater group was going to make.

Unfortunately mother nature and persistent rain drainage problems will also keep me at home.

Pictures, anyone... please?
My uncle made a comment about how its fine they had to get married but do they have to do it in public. I guess be thankful he voted yes on R74 even though he finds it icky.
Will The Stranger be photoshopping goats into pictures of these ceremonies, or does it have a live goat on scene to bring it's special brand of satire to make city hall even more festive for all the loving couples celebrating one of the most important days of their lives?
Congratulations to the happy newlyweds, and to all those who are now free to contemplate becoming one!

HOORAY!!! What a beautiful and historic day.

Congratulations to all! Its events like this that make me proud to live in Washington. Hopefully soon this will play out across the rest of our country.
To the quite handsome gentlemen whose wedding I just creeped on, CONGRATS! My heart melted when I saw you two kiss. What a wonderful day!
It was great! People were blowing bubbles, throwing rice and flower petals, and TONS of cheering. Especially for married kisses!
No protesters huh? I figured there would be a few sign holders, praising jesus at the newlyweds. Good for you guys. C'mon California! Just look north to see how it's done!
Watching the stream is kind of mesmerizing. It looks like it is running like a well oiled machine. Congratulations to all.
Rain on your wedding day is auspicious! Congrats to Seattle's couples!
@15, to all of the lucky couples marrying at the wedding station closest to the camera, I hope they do not mind all of the extra wedding guests stopping by.
I just took hundreds of photos. Stay tuned! What a beautiful day in Seattle
@19 - Are you sure? Isn't it ironic?
Anyone know what time Dan and Terry are on the calendar?
Kelly O, I can't wait to see all the pics. It is mesmerizing, just watching the live cam. Congrats to everyone getting married today. All my best wishes for you all.
Congratulations Dan and Terry!

There's a picture up on Joe's blog already, and you can get rid of this part of your SLOG intro:
"He has a boyfriend"



has anyone done a bed check of the penguins at the zoo?
@25, that's a nice picture!
I love the interviews with the couples (and families). Especially (for @11) the guys who've "been together 20 years, are now stuck together for 20 years, and, who knows, maybe will marry a goat after that."

Waiting on those pics, Kelly! The live stream is not detailed enough, but it's great in it's own way.

Congrats to all, and a big WOW to all the staff and volunteers making things run so smoothly (and ahead of schedule)! And the same goes for the courthouse judges & staff who started last night!
Any word on which counties are open for business today and performing ceremonies? I'd be curious how many marriage certificates have been distributed state wide so far.

And yes...I"m balling my fraking eyes out now. Congrats to Dan, Terry and everyone else who have or will be tying the knot. I'm so happy for my fellow Washingtonians! I wish I lived there still. Stupid grad school...
And now the klezmer band at the grand staircase! Another WOW to them and all the folks out in the rain cheering! (from someone who should join them but is too lazy to bundle up and go out...)
I drove by a while ago and honked the horn and the crowd cheered. Lively crowd! So happy for everyone, congrats!

And Dan, you look absolutely dashing in your tux, but I loved the pic from wed night in the hoody too :)
Congrats to any and all getting married today. I'm delighted to share my birthday with such an important and momentous occasion.
@30, thanks! That was Orkestar Zirkonium - we're so glad we got to play for some of the happy couples as they descended the staircase. This is a wonderful day, albeit far too long in coming.
@10 If "they" wear their rings in public, will that be too much for him, too? Sheesh.
Congrats Dan!
@34: I think the takeaway there should be that even an old guy, uncomfortable with homosexuality, still voted Yes. When they've lost these people--the people who aren't comfortable with homosexuality but figure hey, let people live their lives--they've really lost.

You build a winning coalition by letting these people, the imperfect, into it too. And time goes by and things change more, as everyone inches incrementally along. (Look at the change in what you hear from high manliness groups like rappers and athletes this past year or two, in terms of "Hey I'm totally not into guys but if you want to marry one like whatever, fine. But I'm not into guys." Or how gays in the military plays, a year plus after the end of DADT, and a year into the Tough Military Guys dub in for LMFAO and Carly Rae Jepson trend.)

The soft support has shifted, from "well I'm uncomfortable and it hasn't been done" to "you know, let people live their lives."
Congratulations, Dan & Terry, along with the other 137 couples that tied the knot today!
Here's a small pic of Dan & Terry getting married yesterday! Yea! Congrats! (and other couples)...

Dan, please post a better one. This looks like you're about to make a deposition. (not my tumblr but the pics of the other couples on it are way better)…
Congratulations, Dan and Terry. What a happy day for your nice family !
Congratulations to all the couples who realized their dreams of marriage!

Congrats to Dan and Terry and their son for their marriage, and thanks to Dan for his high visibility advocacy of equality and hope for the troubled young.
I always cry at weddings.... even when they are a nation away.... for people I don't know...

so ... a great day... wish I could've been there to cheer !