Cory Booker Will Announce Something in the Next Two Weeks


So nobody told you he's in the second film of The Hobbit?
@1 what does that even mean?

Booker should go onto a 20,000 calorie a day diet, and then sumo wrestle Christie for the governor's mansion.
Moving to the Senate would only be strategic if he replaces a Republic senator. Otherwise, he probably would do more good for the people of NJ as its governor.
I hope he throws a curve ball and announces his plans to ask for my hand in marriage. Hot, successful, dedicated to doing good work, and probably out of the house a lot making for plenty of me time? Perfect man.
@3 Booker's career is more important to him than any "good for the people of NJ." See his comments about Bain earlier this year.
I wouldn't be too surprised if Cory Booker announced that Cory Booker will begin referring to himself as "Cory Booker" in hopes that speaking of himself in the third person will get his name out there even more. Did you know he's been stunt-eating food stamp food this week?
Christie is way more vulnerable than people outside of New Jersey realize. Up until Sandy, he was [correctly] seen as a hyper-partisan blowhard and more of a bully than effective leader.

If you're fooled by handshaking the president a few teams and stepping away from a wack-ass republican party, then whatever. But the house built in a few days can be taken down just as easily.
@7 I find this comment intriguing. I admit after watching Christie on the Daily Show last week my take away was "I could live with that". Then again the only elections I've had the option to vote in so far have involved "The Ghost of Moderate John McCain", and Romney. Maybe I'm just starved for the illusion of a choice in a election though.
Booker is really not much of a Democrat - he speaks the speak, but his actions say otherwise. Better he stay as mayor than get elected to something more important and pull a turncoat move like LIEberman or Ro_ney Tom or Timmy Self-important Sheldon.
Chris Christie IS vulnerable and can be taken out. He's too conservative for New Jersey and by next November people will remember him more for his vetoing marriage equality (which is more popular in NJ than in WA according to polls) and his opposition to health care reform than for doing a decent job during a hurricane.

His Sandy-related popularity will come back to earth. I think a disaster inflates the popularity of any executive. Look at the opinion polls of Bush Jr and Giuliani after 9-11 and Bush Sr after the First Iraq War. Giuliani is now despised, Bush Jr barely got re-elected and Bush Sr was defeated by Clinton.

This is doable and Booker is probably the best choice to take on Christie.

I hope he runs, if nothing else, for the sake of marriage equality in NJ.
Poll on marriage equality:…

This could embarrass Christie as well. He has said that the people of NJ need to vote on marriage equality. Well, a legislature just submitted a bill that would do just that:…

Also, the legislature is going to try to overturn the governor's veto at some point this year.

The issue is not going to go away.

Newark still needs Cory and he should stay right where he is.