Getting Hitched at Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Men's and Women's Choruses


Okay, now I have to pull myself together. I have dinner plans tonight, and I don't think the tears-and-snot look is covered in the dress code at Canlis.
Drip ... drip ... driiiiiip. Ah, I'm such a softy. At least now I know why Jane and Pet-e weren't married at City Hall. But why avoid the lead-up to the ceremony, as it was all lovely.

Okay, time to munch on an imaginary cupcake.
18 seconds into it and i'm already verklempt.
I was going to snark about something or other, but I don't think crying tears of joy will ever get old. Keep it up, love these!
So many tears of joy these past few days! I love it.
I was just watching this when my husband of 18 years came home and found me crying watching it, and then he started getting choked up, too. Wow. This is so very beautiful. Thanks for bringing it to Slog.

I kinda know Pete-e and Jane, and have seen them around for years. They were featured in the documentary Inlaws and Outlaws. They are the nicest, cutest old ladies in the world.

I'm so, so happy for them.
The Supreme Court of the United States of Amurka needs to watch this.
It's amazing to see history being made in front of us, around us, because of us.
No words.
My face is wet. I am so proud to live in Seattle. We do some things right.!
Stop making me cry, Slog.
I was there, getting misty-eyed along with everyone else. Every kind of human bond, the full and copious spectrum of human relations, was felt in turn: the warmth of kin, the gravity of empathy, the ecstasy of passion, the solemnity of civic pride, the giddy affection of tribe... An older woman who was attending with her partner turned to me and said "Did you ever think you'd see the day?" Being of my generation, I always regarded marriage equality as a hazy certainty, like the junior high kid with the expectation of a high school diploma. To see the moment through the historical lens, though, is to see something so inconceivable as to dwarf the moon landing -- not a private ceremony in a back yard or a rented hall, but a legal wedding in front of thousands of cheering, everyday, off-the-street people. We lose in the platitudes what we ought never to forget: that love wins, that empathy wins. Sometimes it wins at a glance, sometime it has to work like a root under a sidewalk to break through the accretions of institutional prejudice, but on a long enough timeline, love conquers all.

Congrats to the happy couples. Truly inspiring.
@13 - a beautifully written paean for a 20-minute ceremony that for those of us there in the audience and on stage will never forget.
Thank you all for the heart felt comments! Every time I watch this video I get to re-live the most wonderful moment in my life! Words escape me at the love and energy that was there that night!

This was the best Christmas Gift I could have ever dreamed of! I love you all!

and I love my husband Neil!