How's the Fiscal Cliff Going?


GOP: Willing to ruin America to save America
Didn't Christine Lagarde of the IMF publically spank the Republicans into working this bullshit out?

That item should be getting more airplay. They don't have the latitude to be playing games here.
didn't they already agree to let BHO raise the debt limit 3x with only a vote of "disapproval"?

cut the military by 2 trillion if you love austerity so much, corker.
We've seen this one coming for a while.

Let's potentially ruin the nation's economy unless Democrats agree to screw over the poor and elderly, just to win a political point!
Grand Olde Party of Kommunists: "We had to burn America to the ground to save it".
It's all bluster and typical "we'll fight to the end!" talk. I don't believe any of it.

They'll do the exact same thing they always do. Argue and complain on tv for weeks and then make a deal at the last minute.
Considering the last time resulted in many teabaggers losing their seats this election in Congress I say less power to them.
Why not? They lost some ground in Congress since the last time they did this, but not enough to give them pause about doing it again. The fact that their approval ratings also dropped like a stone last time they did this is unimportant to them, apparently.
Go off the "cliff" then start the next Congress with bills to repeat the payroll tax cuts and income tax cuts on households making under $100 or 200K. Make the Pukes vote against tax cuts if they love deficit reduction so much. Assholes.

And fuck the debt ceiling. See you in court, Boner.…
Republicans lost twice to Obama and they want revenge. That's it in a nutshell.
I wish we could put them in a nutshell.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't their debt ceiling BS last time the reason the sequestration is set to kick in Jan 1?
Those fuckers know perfectly well that the debt ceiling has been raised in what amounts to an automatic process for decades, with plenty of supporting Republican votes. Now all of a sudden they want to puff out their chests and go after it like they did the last time? In exchange for gutting Medicare/Medicaid and/or reducing Social Security payments? It's like @3 says -- cut the damn military funding if you're so fucking set on budget reductions.
I wish I could trust President Obama not to take the Republicans up on this deal, and needlessly cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The problem with Social Security and Medicare isn't the level of benefits. For Social Security, there's a problem coming in 20-25 years with payroll taxes being too low, in large part because income inequality has put a lot of aggregate income outside of the payroll tax. It also has a political problem because it loaned money to the rest of the government that was spent for tax cuts for the wealthy and lots of shiny weapons, and now the rich people and defense contractors that spent that money don't want to pay it back.

For Medicare, the problem is rising medical costs, and the solution to that is actually to expand Medicare, not end it.

All efforts to cut benefits to save money actually cost the government money in other areas (like shifting people to Medicaid), or transfer costs to retired people who can't afford it. They are a bad deal for everyone but the 1% of the 1% (and only those in that class who don't give a shit what kind of society they live in.)

And some Democrats seem willing to cave, probably because they are listening to that same 1% of the 1%. I really hope they don't make any deal that cuts earned benefits.
@12 yes.

Increasing the age for Medicare eligibility actually increases the cost of health care for business and for government. Medicare is cheaper than private insurance, and more effective.

Easier just to expire all Farm Aid and cut the Military in half, quite frankly.

Then let them renegotiate a reasonable level.

I agree with you. I've already heard that at one point, President Obama dangled the prospect of raising the eligibility age for Medicare to 67. That would be a kick in the face to his supporters.

I hope the Democrats in Congress make it clear to President Obama that they're not willing to destroy entitlement programs just to please the bloodthirsty Repubs.