The City Hall of Love


Thank you Dan. Tears in my eyes again.
it certainly is important for the city government to certify Love.
Beautiful. Thanks for posting.
Mazel Tov to all the newlyweds!
Wonderful. Thanks for making a record. Sweet couples all, and the very elderly ladies always make me cry. For some reason the two older guys in caps and shorts just struck me as a fun couple with special secrets they share.
Thank you!

This has all been incredible to watch. I have spilled so many tears of joy since early November.

There aren't words strong enough for the gratitude that I feel for you guys. All of our allies gay and straight that have made this possible. As a member of the younger generation I will never be able to fully comprehend the hardships you guys have faced and trials you have overcome.

For those of you who pushed through the mires of hopelessness and came out on the other side, where marriage equality is now an inevitable reality. To those who sacrificed so much but were unable to see this day:

I thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart. Congratulations everybody!

In the words of Joe Biden:

"This is a big fuckin' deal!"
Absolutely darling!
The couple with the baby! And the guys in uniform! And the old ladies! And the middle-aged dudes! The are all making me cry. So much love.

Congratulations, Terry and Dan.

I can't wait for DOMA to be overturned so that people can do this all over the country.
I was all prepared to be all single and bitter toward the happy couples, but it even got me all misty eyed.

Any boys looking to get hitched? I'm available!
So awesome.
Awww, that's fantastic. Thanks Dan, and congrats to you and Terry. Also, what @5 said.
OK, the pictures made me a little misty. But I just had full-on tears rolling down my face. You guys must be so proud of your state right now.

"I'll be hers, & she'll be mine.."

Need Kleenex.

Actually, keep doing it. This is beautiful.
Thank you for making me (cry) and the little kim in portlands smile. Congratulations!
I am bookmarking to use as a a happiness pill. One of the fun aspects of Sunday morning not caught here was the Seahawks fans who kept stumbling upon this scene without knowing what it was, and then breaking into big smiles as they figured it out.
Have fun playing house.
@2 - What is certified here, as in all marriages, is the consolidation of resources to the end of creating a household. "Love" is just one of the things that makes doing that with a given person more appealing than a life in which one has no designated responsibilities (aside from baseline obedience to civil law) to others.

This video could heal the sick.


There's so much shit in the world, but this can't help but give one hope for humanity, that a good, if long overdue thing happened and is happening - that the tide is truly turning and we're beginning to see tangible evidence - AND that the impact isn't just on LGBT folks, but on the rest of us, too - we are ALL elevated by this elevation - celebration - of the granting and recognition of human rights to those previously denied. Fucking beautiful. I can't wait to be there on 12/29 when Maine does the same thing. Hooray for goodness. Hooray for love.


PS. I want to see the film of Dan & Terry doing this same walk.

@20 I second that. It's all very beautiful, but I also want to see wedding photos of Dan and Terry.
But these are the people who are going to destroy civilization. Apparently. Because Jesus. Haters can just suck it.
The older couples really got to me. I might be projecting, but I can just imagine them having been together for years, decades, most of their lives, and finally being able to get married, and it makes me teary-eyed.

The younger couples just give me a big grin. I'm so happy for all of them.
So beautiful! I cried. Congratulations Dan and Terry, and all the other couples who got married!
What a beautiful video. I spent all day at work choking back tears looking at pictures from yesterday and this video tipped me over.
@22 Naw, because Leviticus and Paul. Jesus would totally go to a gay wedding. Jesus was cool like that.
Hooray! Congratulations on being legally chained to another human being until you decide to get divorced! Progress!
This makes me so ridiculously happy. There are tears of joy streaming down my face right now.
This is lovely, but how come all the couples are alone (not accompanied by family or friends)?
As a closeted gay person trying to muster the courage to come out, this is immensely and undeniably powerful. When watching this video my gut tell me that this is so much more right than when I'm at church hearing that i can't act out on my love for another woman. My soul tells me that this is the right thing, this beauty is the right way.
@15, I hadn't heard about the Seahawks fans. That just makes it (a little bit) awesomer.

Totally using this as a happy pill to cheer me up after all the coverage of Sandy Hook.